I remember the jubilations when it was announced that Robert Kyagulanyi (AKA Bobi Wine) had won the Kyadondo seat in parliament. Bars played his music all night, days on end. It was a mood that can only be eclipsed by the second coming of Jesus Christ. But there I was, telling people over pots of local brew (#MboziZzaMalwa) how their joy was a reflection of their nativity. You see, I knew from the word go that this was no fundamental change but a mere shifting of the guard, a welcome distraction by the powers that be that the people finally have a chance at their voice being heard in parliament.

But I knew otherwise, I knew that Robert Kyagulanyi, now Hon. Kyagulanyi, was no different from whoever he was replacing. Yes, he may sing what people want to hear, but even he is only there to serve one thing, his own interests. And his interests are not those of the ghetto morons who still think he is there to serve them.

He has been a member of parliament for over 100 days, and how has he fought for the common man? Well, he sided with the other dimwits and supports their not paying taxes while ever demanding more money. Which, by the way, means that the average Ugandan has to pay more taxes so as we can afford to maintain his, and other MPs lavish lifestyles at the expense of hospitals, schools, even tear gas.

#Togikwatako, another well-crafted hoax to extract even more money by NRM and opposition MPs alike. So what if Museveni rules till 2040! Uganda has more pressing issues than an old man’s grip on power. Uganda has so many problems within the constitution that are of less significance to these dishonourable members of parliament, so much so that they do not even bother to show up to work to debate or pass bills like the domestic relations bill. In fact, the only “Togikwatako” they were willing to die for was when courts ruled that they should pay taxes and Parliament (opposition inclusive) ransomed a whole country by refusing to pass a budget. Bobi Wine wasn’t there then, but he is there now and is following the same script.

And talking of Uganda’s problems, as Member of Parliament, he knows firsthand that Uganda falls far short of the millennium goals largely in part because of the high cost of maintaining parliament. If anything, we should celebrate Museveni for doing the best he can do with such a demanding parliament who only serve themselves and not the people they swear on a Bible/Quran to serve.

But has he refused the money? Has he returned the money? No, instead he is demanding an additional 300,000,000/= Uganda shillings because the government stopped him from attending a few gigs. As a Ugandan, as a citizen, he is entitled to demanding costs and damages for the heavy-handed tactics government employed. But as a man who stood on the steps of parliament with a red bandana and said it symbolized that he was willing to bleed for the people of Uganda, he should be demanding that that 329,000,000/= Ugx not be given to him but rather spent on a hospital in his area so as he prevents more mothers, sisters, daughters and their unborn babies from dying in childbirth.

But NO, it is all about the money.

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Written by Richard Obonyo (1)

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