Hotels with the Best Views in Uganda

Who does not want to go to a hotel and have a beautiful view of their surroundings from their room? You look through the window or stand on your patio with a view that relaxes your mind and gives meaning to the word, vacation.

Here are several hotels with some of the best views in Uganda.

Speke Resort Munyonyo

The expansive lakeside property has one of the best lake views in Kampala, you literally walk to the lakeside just a few steps from the rooms and in a very scenic neighbourhood. The resort is located amidst exotic trees that line all the walkways that swing with the lake breeze as you tour the property. There are two swimming pools with one just next to the lake for you to relax with the view of the lake and several distant islands in full sight. You can go sailing, fishing and horse riding through the property when visiting at the resort.

Arcadia Lodges Lake Bunyonyi

Nestled up a hill in Kabale surrounded by scenic trees, Arcadia lodge will give you a sight to capture and make memories. The lodge is made out of wood plus stone and set on a vast 14 acres with several self contained cottages aligned just in the right way, so that you can always be able to see the Lake Bunyonyi and several hills in the distance.

Cassia Lodge

Almost at the top of one of the highest hills in Kampala called Buziga, lies the Cassia Lodge that has a very beautiful view of the city and the lake Victoria. The Lodge’s interior design is well suited for its serene tree surroundings nestled into the hill.

When you get to relax at the pool, the bird’s nest view of your surroundings is absolutely spectacular.



The Sheraton Kampala

On the edge of the Nakasero hill, lies one of the oldest hotels in Uganda and one with a full view of the rest of the bustling city of Kampala. The Sheraton boasts of views of the several hills that Kampala is built on and at night, the beauty that is the capital sparks up so high you might be tempted to join in on the festivities.

Jinja Nile Resort

When you make your way to Jinja and stay at the Jinja Nile Resort, you get served the best view of the longest river in the world. The resort was built on 50 acres of land on the banks of the River Nile and has several cottages that are aligned with the best morning view of the Bujagali falls and the several activities such rafting that take place on the falls.

There is something extremely beautiful about the view with the untamed roars coming from the falls that will have you captivated.

Bella Vista Lodge

Uganda is blessed with several crater lakes and this hotel was constructed in full view of one, the Nyamiteza and one of the highest and most climbed mountains in East Africa, Mount Rwenzori.

The lodge is on a hill so you get a beautiful top view of the cool crater and is located along the way to some of the best tourist destinations in the country; including the Murchison Falls, making it the best hotel to stay at for the view and of course the proximity.

Sipi Falls Resort

The rustic and earthy hotel is what you need when you are done climbing Mount Elgon or trekking through the national park in that area; it is quite serene and very relaxing.

The rooms are made of wood and in a distance you will hear the roaring of the Sipi falls, one of the most visited falls in Uganda, as they tumble down the cliff off the Elgon peak.

The lodges are located in Kapchorwa and will give you the best of the Eastern hospitality.

Kyaninga Lodge

Scenic and beautiful will be the first words you get when asked to describe this piece of paradise.

The Lodge overlooks the Kyaninga Crater lake that was formulated years ago, just a few kilometers from the sleepy beautiful Fort Portal town. Once here, you will never want to leave.

Just above the crater are several hills surrounding it, creating a serene and picturesque environment full of color. Kyaninga lodge is a series of several cottages constructed to look like a number of tiny hills from a distance with a pool that shimmers invitingly to enjoy the view right below it.

The Serena Kiigo and Marina

You need to visit the hotel to know what its views do to your mind. The Serena is expansive with a hotel, apartments, golf course and marina all set right on the shores of the Lake Victoria, a few miles away from the Entebbe- Kampala highway.

The rooms all face towards the lake and you can easily see the several islands in the distance and several fishermen getting on by with their work.

It is serenely located with a very good landscaping that has several flowers and trees keeping the area green.

The pool is hidden in a well enclosed green and rustic area of the hotel grounds, just right off the stone cobbled paths of the self contained cottages.

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