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Teens, Here is a Platform for you to Share your COVID-19 Stories; They Matter

Uncertainty. Anxiety. Disease. Death. Wow!

Does anybody know what’s going on, really? We crave company, yet we are asked to stay apart. Nobody can tell what’s next. How will this end? When will it end? Shall we go back to things as they were?

If you could tell your story of now, what would you say? Are you are in S.6 Vacation, High school, love reading and writing? Or would you would like a career in media, journalism and communication? Are you just looking for an opportunity to express yourself? This platform is for you.

Your feelings and ideas matter, and must be heard. This platform will support you to tell your stories and also bring you lots of stories from others. We would like to hear stories about all these changes and what they mean to you. How they are affecting you. What has changed about your life and your routines? What is going on in your homes, for the people in your homes, in your communities and neighbourhoods? Tell us those stories.

As you write those stories, here is a cardinal rule to telling a good story. It is summarized in what is referred to as the ‘5Ws and H’ of writing:

· Who?

· What?

· When?

· Why?

· Why?

· How?

When you write, make sure your story includes those. Another important addition should be, so what?’. What do you want the reader to do after they have read your story/essay?

Remember, this is not an exam. So we don’t expect your stories/essays to make it obvious that you are following the template above or answering those questions. Just write from the heart, in your ‘voice’.

Good stories also quote other people and sources but acknowledge the sources –attribution and referencing. You might also add statistics to make your point or argument stronger.

Lastly, be creative, keep your language simple, and your message clear. Think of your title/heading; and about your intro and conclusion, because all these contribute to a great story. For reference, look at novels, storybooks and newspapers, to help you improve your style.

Are you in?

Tell your COVID-19 story in 300 words and email it to: [email protected]

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