Dear me,

I am terrible writer may be not the worst who am I kidding, you remember right how bad I am?  So bear with me I am going to write this letter anyway because this letter is important reminder for you or oh yes I might even have a daughter or a son, are you sneaking and going through my notebook? By the way you still use notebooks I am guessing you using some kind of rolling, flipping screen pages. Awesome!

Hello Lidiya 33 years old or “you” my future children, how is everything? How is year 2030? Amazing, boring, exciting, frustrating, expected, unexpected, crazy, I see, you have been taking your lessons of earth? now I am going to say a few nonsense stuff so listen up,  I know you are super busy with all the work you do but I promise it won’t take long just give me ten minutes  who knows you may be amazed with twenty three Lidiya.

If you reading this, means you passed covid-19 pandemic again it means you are strong more than you gave yourself credit. It was the time you lost millions of earth people, your people but you passed that nightmare. Lidiya you are also optimistic, you may say no I am the most pessimist person you could find but I can prove you wrong Lidiya you were writing this letter in this pandemic time and you had faith you could pass it not always but you had, you even wrote your ten year professional plan when you apply for YALI leadership training that morning, then again you hate this virus so much in case you forgot for the things you lost, for your cousins wedding which you planned it for ten months most importantly you cannot forgive this virus for not having graduation ceremony and for postponing your graduation for six months or more you weren’t sure for how was your dream each day for five years.

But you loved this virus do not forget that too, you may say are crazy? Wait have patience I am going to tell you why, when was the last time earth people stand together? when was the last time you got worried for your neighbor health, living condition? I will tell you, year 2020. In the time of corona virus you were worried for your neighbors, for people who lost their jobs? After a really really long time people were together I am guessing we stopped standing together in stone ages or in a time of Noah when only a few people live together. But year 2020 everyone was helping everyone they know. Isn’t that awesome? Are you visiting your parents frequently? How is Mommy and Abateyae? I am sure Natty is CEO of some kind of Software Company and Noli, is she in university? In the pandemic you spend unforgettable time with your family after everyone being so busy for so long, see another reason you loved corona.

Whatever your writing is, remember you learned a lot about yourself and so many other important things when the world face the pandemic. Lidiya please always not to forget what to value most, I know by now you super awesome engineer, dreaming high and making it happen, I am so proud of you but also value people most than money and to fulfill your purpose, to serve, to help your community, your family and to be selfless. Sometimes you may feel life is a big iceberg but you can melt it and cross, you are strong don’t you ever doubt that. You know there are times you may feel like you seeing fog and can’t see clearly but don’t lose hope always be optimistic just give it time I know you will find your way. I know you really impatient human being ever but I hope you getting better each day step by step. Are you exercising? You used to exercise for an hour every day. Exercise and eat healthy always. Do not tell me you not reading much. That’s unacceptable, you have to know thousand lives (books) before you die that’s your promise to yourself don’t break that. Plus how are you stopping your unstoppable curious mind if you don’t read. Keep shining. Enjoy everything and always be grateful. Love you to the moon and back.

Yours sincerely

Young Lidiya

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