I have learned more about business this year than any other year before. I feel that I’ve grown personally and professionally. I made some mistakes, but that’s how we grow.

I have learned that the more selfless we are, the more likely we are to get through situations and succeed at business. Create value for other people constantly. He who waters shall himself be watered.

As soon as you start this, many people will take advantage, but a big part of character development is in trusting this process. There’s no need to prove a point or impose ourselves because growth (and truth) needs no explanation.

Hold no grudges, practice good sportsmanship.

Before a hustle works out, you will knock on many doors, and ask for help from everyone you know, at least a few times. In many cases, we will not get all the help we ask for. And that’s alright.

Because that’s God’s special way of letting you know that it is Him who really did it for you.

Many things are to be desired, but resilience is everything. You must stick it out. Some days are bad, other days are worse, but there’s no crying in baseball.

I closed one of my businesses to cut expenses but it now makes more losses closed than it would be if I’d left it open.

Invest in the long game. It is not always about profit. It is all about creating value constantly.

The most important thing is to appreciate the team, no matter what the circumstances are. Stay positive always. It is your position as a leader to take pressure on behalf of the team.

I lost some of our staff and investors when I told them of some of the things giving me sleepless nights.

They left and I still have sleepless nights. So sometimes you just have to keep the bad stuff to yourself and try to share good news mostly.

These are my lessons this year.

I’m starting my festive season as early as November 30th (after the launch of Khainza College) and will resume by 10th January 2022.

I’m really really grateful to everyone who has supported our company. Our real heroes are the guys who give us small small transport like 10k.

Stay Blessed.


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Written by Wonny Arthur

Arthur is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about engineering and writing. He is the co-founder of Khainza Energy and a fellow of Echoing Green.

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