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Internal conflict and rivalries weakened the Kitara Empire in the 14th century, leading to its weakening and final demise.

Internal conflict and rivalries weakened the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom in the 17th and 18th century, leading to near-total destruction.

In Buganda Kingdom in the 19th century, internal conflict, rivalries and the so-called religious wars weakened the Kingdom making it easy for the British to do as they pleased.

In both cases, minute differences bordering on greed, cowardice, bitterness bordering on sheer stupidity, led to disunity and broke the backs of these ancient twin institutions.

Let me assure you that, differences, ‘enkwe’ and rivalries many a time bordering on sheer stupidity, almost always embolden lurking enemies who swarm in for the kill, taking over and destroying us as a people.

I weep every time I hear people throwing abuse at each other over ancestry and “tribe”. There is no such thing as tribe as far as these Kingdoms are concerned; These are Nations!

Let me try to enlighten you on something profound, that I need you to meditate upon.

The central nervous system of any culture is its Spirituality, for it’s the path that leads one right back to the origins of creation; The Spirit.

At Nnalubaale, The Spirits of creation aren’t defined by ‘tribe’, for they are infinite in existence.

Here in Buganda, one of the most important rituals and events is that of Abalongo (okwalula, okusiba). This ritual cannot be formalized nor complete without the presence of The Guardian, Lubanga.

In addition, during this event, we sing songs of praises to Abakulu Ndawula, Mukasa and Mayanja. Finally, Mukulu Muwanga. Remember, Nnabuzaana has to be involved too.

Now tell me, are these supreme Patriarchs and Matriarchs Baganda?

Go to any of your clan’s Obutaka here in Buganda; ku Biggwa and Embuga.

As long as it is Embuga or Ekiggwa eky’Obutonzi, you will find Enyumba ya Batabaazi/Abacwezi and Enyumba ya Nnalongo/Nnabuzaana/Nnakayima.

Smoking of tobacco with pipes; okufuuwa Emiindi, this is one of the rituals you’ll find in these Traditional Spiritual places.

Save for Omukulu Muwanga I believe, all these Guardians that I’ve mentioned have origins in what was Kitara Empire.

I’ve come across old handwritten documents that state that there is a set of people from among the Babiito (Royals) in Bunyoro-Kitara, who are purposely prepared, initiated and sent to serve in the Olubiri of the Kabaka of Buganda; it’s known as Obusiige eri Kabaka. “Obeera musiige ewa Kabaka”. I believe they’re called “Abamooli”.

These were also responsible for taking care of all the herds of cattle of The Kabaka. Cattle keeping is a Kitara ritual, a constant way of life.

Ignorance over time has led to people here thinking of these folks as subservient; Abalaalo.

Spend some time with any of them or anyone abeera ku ttale, you’ll be in shock from how much Spirituality they possess. Babeera Batabaazi.

?Ddungu, Ddungu ayigga mu maluungu, kaliba akonyonyi ak’omu LUKOOLA (Ettale)?

At this moment in time, technology has made it possible for everyone to have a say just about anything, even what they cannot fully fathom nor comprehend. Abuse, disrespect and misinformation are now a way of life.

Over Four Thousand years in existence, from the Bronze Age and beyond; this is what is at stake. So be mindful and careful what you say in the comfort of your home using your tools of technology.

The Children Of Nnalubaale have been spoiled rotten by the gifts, patience and benevolence of The Most High And The Spirits.

They are like a child of “ekyeejo”, who insults elders and has the audacity to stand on the dinner table and spit in the food of visitors.

The precursor to the fall of the Kitara, Bunyoro-Kitara and Buganda Empires was starvation/famine, conflicts, disease, floods and quakes.

The patience of The Guardians run out and their anger led to conflicts, untold suffering, exodus and later weakening/demise.

I come from a clan that for millenia, is the heart beat that unites these two great ancient twin institutions at their ‘central nervous system’; their Spirituality.

Jjaja mwe; SHE awaits you with open arms in the house that the Great/Foremost Ancestor bequeathed you; Kiroolokyanyinamiiru.

The Beginning Shall Be The End ☥



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Written by TShaka Mayanja

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Head Funkmaster at BlackRoots Unlimited & The Roots Warriors Of Nnalubaale

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