Quarantine Thoughts #1

   I’m head over heels this quarantine with a Korean historical drama! I’m not a history fanatic given my line of professionalism but I’m definitely falling in love. Me being one of the people throughout school looking down on history students and tutors has drastically changed as I follow this drama, I’m starting to look at the ancient as a big inspiration for the (read my) future.       In king gwanggaeto the great, one Damdeok raises up to bring back the lost glory of Gogreyo, becoming the greatest empire there was in Korea at the time. I was at first skeptical about it’s truth and me being me  did a fair amount of research to way it’s truth and well, it’s a very true story.         I was/ I’m very inspired by this greatness and it really doesn’t matter that I’m less of a king, I just want to be as brave (or even more) as Damdeok, I definitely want greatness. I don’t need to go for war as he did but to every step in greatness,  there is a battle to fight and I must win.        We should be inspired by everything around us just like artists that get inspired to produce a piece of art work even when the rest of the world doesn’t see the inspiration. Look around for inspiration even in this pandemical lockdown, strive for greatness!  _#_ _beinspired_  _#_ _begreat_  _#_ _staysafe_

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