Over the last three years, since February 21st, 2018, I went looking for God. I found him.

In 2018, an ardent student of philosophy, history and psychology, I began asking questions about life, and I started receiving answers.

I had learned earlier, from books I studied, about the concept of “the storehouse of infinite intelligence”. I had learned that if you searched long and hard enough, it was possible to plug into the universe to begin receiving messages directly from it.

These answers came to me as alien, fleeting thoughts. They were broadcast messages to my intuition, and I began to journal and document them.

When enough pieces of this strange alien information came to me, it became apparent that I was talking to God. More aptly, God was talking to me. So naturally, the skeptic in me charged, and I began asking and searching even harder.

I sought God in all languages, in all religions, and found some things to be truly true, without a shred of doubt. The first truth is that God is real, if you don’t believe me, stare at the sun.

The sun is only one part of God’s universe, but you can’t even look at it. Imagine how powerful a power must be that is greater than the sun, and everything else you know, here on earth, above in space, in the depths of the earth and under the seas.

The God I know, the one that came to me, is not a man, or a woman; he’s not limited by such an earthly encumbrance as gender. God is a life force, a spirit with no shape or size, but that encompasses the entire universe from beginning to end, top to bottom.

Science and the metaphysics have studied God for many centuries, and they agree that a force out there in the universe started all things (the Big Bang), and is greater than all things, even black holes and galaxies.

I believe in God. I didn’t use to. I believe that many of us agree (and it’s beyond provable doubt and therefore stupid to question) that a force in our natural environment controls all life forms with such definiteness that day can never be night, that seasons give way to one another with fair regularity, and the sea is the sea, ending where the land begins.

All creatures and plants follow natural laws so definite that none can defy climate. Animals and vegetation that grow in the tropics thrive only there, and would struggle, or altogether perish, elsewhere.

Animals can “predict” natural disasters and begin to migrate from tsunamis and wildfires long before calamity strikes, long before humans of “higher intelligence” move.

We all agree that a force exists out there in the universe, especially science, that we cannot see, quantify or describe. Through science, we can measure parts of it, and call it magnetism, gravitation, or other terms multidisciplinary studies have fielded.

The Muslims call it “Allah”. Some people call it “God”. Other people, for ease of understanding, and I suppose conversation and interpretation, have personified and gendered this force. Many believe it to be male. My gendered God would be female.

I went looking for the meaning of my own life and I found God. God told me, or rather showed me, mostly what I already knew. That our world is in sociopolitical disarray, and we are in urgent need of sociopolitical course correction.

God showed me with irrefutable certainty that God is real, and searching us to find and return to him. God began a process of relevation to me, over three years since 2018, and I will tell you about some of the things she told me.

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Written by Oburungi Bwirizayo (1)

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