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Poetry In The Times Of COVID Ep 4: The World Belongs To Fools, Cretins, & Idiots

Some time ago I was in the bowels of something psychologists call a quarter-life crisis when I bumped into a salve of wisdom that would prove itself a trusty raft in the stormy waters of life as a creative in this Gonja Republic.

It came to me like a stone tablet descending from the most unlikely of holy mountains — a facebook meme.

Curiosity urges that I surrender the goods, but today I saw a different meme that made me laugh. It put me in rebellious spirit. Someone (mostly likely a resident of Trump’s shithole country) merged pictures of an empty theatre and an empty street and placed over them the angry letters: STAY AT HOME LIKE YOU DO WHEN YOUR ACTOR FRIEND INVITES YOU TO WATCH THEIR PLAY.

Cracked me up to the marrow.

Excessive, one must add. But every performing artist would see the humour.

I digress.

This post is not about memes, or storms, or the apocalypse. Neither is it about cretins, fools, or idiots. That combination of words is just a thing that’s been hanging in my brain for a decade. I haven’t had the occasion to use it. Might as well do it before I touch a mouth and cough in public. One is more likely to be killed by a paranoid mob than the virus!

I digress. Is this how blogs are supposed to read?

Truth is, I don’t really have any wisdom or motivational tropes to share with you. I’m a just a bearded urban nomad who likes to toy with words. The guy you really should be listening to is the one who nearly killed the devil. He is doing more this country than all the health workers put together.

I digress again. This is certainly not how blogs are supposed to read. Haha!

This post actually started out differently. I was going to cane you some KB about following your dreams and not waiting till you’re perfect at doing whatever it is you want to do…

Then a thought came into my ear and said:

Pssst… did you know that every bleeding cretin on these social streets is out there doing hardcore stuff every day? Why bother their irises with unsolicited advice about s**t they do every day?

Thought, I replied. You might have a good point.

Think about it. Whether you are working a job or running a business, or hacking it out as a creative…you wake up every morning and go out there in pursuit of some dream. It could be land, a house, a spouse, an award, a billion-shilling bank balance, or just a whole sack of potatoes. Whatever it is, you make big sacrifices every day. Like getting out of your bed. You don’t need some random post on facebook inspiring you to do it. Just set the bleeding alarm and get up. Keep keeping on.

That’s what the people I work with did. We woke up one morning and said to ourselves:

Hey! We love film, right? We tell stories, right? Aren’t we tired of watching films and talking about what kind of flicks we could have made were we born in America?

Somebody jumped onto a bench and shouted, LET’S MAKE A FILM. Then this came out.

Tell a friend to tell all their friends that your friend has a thing. Then show up and drop your honest to the ancestors (or God if you’re into colonial things) feedback in the comments.

Thank you. SEE YOU at home.


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Written by Wobusobozi Amooti

Proud African. Arts Lover. Writer. Publisher. Director. Educator.

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