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I joined the Pan African Movement in 1994, during the Congress that took place here in Kampala. The late Dr. Tadhudeen encouraged we the then youth members of The Rastafari Movement to join. Many of us joined wholeheartedly.

Dr. Taju was a wise man. He made sure we knew exactly what we were joining. He gave some of us literature and books on the founders of the Pan African Movement, Marcus Garvey, Black Panthers etc.

I did have several one on ones with Dr. Taju. One of the most profound ones took place after he returned from South Africa to attend the historic swearing-in of Madiba Mandela.

The more I listened to his views and worries, and also based on what I read and witnessed, there was, and there still is a big problem.

This is my Twenty-Eighth year as a Pan Africanist, and I still question what it means exactly.

For instance, most if not all Pan African Revolutionary leaders abhor and hate Monarchies with a passion. They call it Feudalism.

Conundrum number 1; We as Rastafari for starters, at least the Nyabingi House, revere and respect Roots and Culture, as the foundation of our Africaness.

One of the reasons Revolutionaries hate Monarchies is hereditary/bloodline rule, the opulence and nepotism of Nobility (Royals).

Look at any Revolution, the first target is the Monarchy.

Pan African Revolutionaries remind me of Evangelical Churches. They never cease to see the wrongs and weaknesses of Institutional/Organized Religion. But look around today, where are most weaknesses being brought to the fore?

You’ll be hardpressed to find an Archbishop or Bishop/Reverand, whose wife and children are the Church Accountants, Choir leaders, Co Preachers and all-round bosses of the church.

Joseph and Mary, the parents of Jesus would probably have churches with branches all over the place. So would His disciples, His Consort etc. One big Jesus family conglomerate.

I digress.

I’ve sadly realized that Revolutions and the guise of Pan Africanism are only a means to an end; a ruse to get to power.

Look at the Revolutions around the world. Like Dr. Taju said, Revolutionaries once in power, become exactly what they hated, abhorred and discredited.

Revolutionaries come to power on the pretext of their hate and disdain for hereditary rule, the opulence and nepotism of the Nobles/Royalty, long rule, classism in society, oppression of the poor etc; only to end up trapped and embroiled in the exact web they mopped up in the first place.

Like Evangelical Churches/Organizations, Pan African Revolutionaries and Freedom Fighters need wall to wall mirrors to look at their reflection; playback and recall exactly what they said as they climbed the staircase to power.

The end game is rarely meaningful change, it’s the satisfaction that comes from rule.

The lure is so strong, that even those who attempt and but don’t quite get there (into power), become pompous, self-centered pseudo Nobles.

I stand to be corrected.

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Written by TShaka Mayanja

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