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On Lockdown Martyrs #Stories4Health

  1. I shall not lie..I was warned!

After school, I went through the hassle of finding suitable( and affordable) environs to live in that would suit my new found status as a specialist.

I spent the first day driving through the areas of Kyebando, Kiwatule, Kisaasi and Ntinda only to be told by the brokers that my house of choice had only just been taken up by an unexpected new client.

With a shoestring budget and big dreams, I set out on day two with the aim of taking any house remotely close to what I wanted.I took the first house I was shown on day number two.Whether this was from the fatigue of driving through dusty Buwaate or the feared boredom of doing the whole routine again, I simply can’t tell.

Unfortunately, this house was only about 400m away from the Namugongo Catholic Shrine, the home of the Uganda Martyrs. I was warned that my life would be disrupted for about 2 weeks every year as the pilgrims poured in from upcountry, East Africa and even overseas. That for about a fortnight, the area would be jam packed with pedestrians and all access roads would be blocked.

Not so, June 3rd 2020….the year that started with corona virus pandemic. 

This has been a blessing in disguise. We the Kyaliwajjala-Namugongo residents have enjoyed a quiet Martyrs’ day lock-down. Curfew had to be observed therefore not many pilgrims dared to trek. The traffic jam was nothing out of the ordinary as expected for any weekend or public holiday.Prices especially for food stuffs and rentals were not hiked as I’m told is the norm in these parts.

On behalf of the ‘batuuze’ of this area, I thank you all for observing this lockdown and the Martyrs pertaining to it.

We live to die another day!
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