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Notes #The Setup

Notes I took from The Setup by Dan Bilzerian

Some birds just have to fly free; some men must blaze their own paths

The things people dislike the most in others are things they don’t like about themselves.”

Understand the value of your time and don’t do work that is below your pay grade.

When you are going through something difficult, set achievable goals. Don’t look at it like this is seven months of hell; take it a day at a time. If it’s really shitty, take it a minute at a time anything can be done for a minute.

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance – Life is all a setup

The first step towards succeeding at anything, find a way to cram the the most experience in the shortest period of time. Dan (book author) played poker 16 hours every day for a month

To make large sums of money, work on a skill to do business with rich people. Although Dan may have been a bad poker player, he had a great skill for getting in games with richer people who were worse.

Don’t reward rejection with affection. It establishes the wrong dynamic making women like you less

The more girls that were around, the easier it was to get laid, and having a main only made them try harder because it was a challenge. Vaginas and money are similar in that; when you don’t need it, everyone wants to give it to you, and when you desperately need it, nobody wants to give it to you.

Don’t give loans to friends or family. If you are going to help them out, make the money a gift, or you will just end up ruining a relationship and causing nothing but animosity.
It is also better to give than to receive. If you are in a position to help those who a in need, help them.

Give a man a sincere compliment and he’ll be grateful for a day, give him a stack of money, and he’ll be grateful for a year. A beautiful woman and he’ll be grateful for the rest of his life

Pictures with hot girls and expensive shit always outperformed interesting action adventures. Adjust what you share on social media according to priority

Success is ideally like climbing a mountain. Take a break every so often to absorb the view. Appreciate the progress and the climb higher and enjoy the next view even more.

As a guy, high status will get you a lot further than physical attractiveness. If you get a woman to chase you, give her a subtle push away. Sex is always better when they’ve put in effort to fuck you.

Never trust what you read in the media unless you were there

Preselection: people who have met certain criteria are more trusted and thus have more access. Fame brain is a type of preselection where attraction increases in proportion to the eagerness of others around a person. When people see this, they immediately and unconsciously give you a lot of respect and have a desire to be near, talk to, or have sex with you.

Dan utilized the power of competition, jealousy, scarcity, and ultimately the sledgehammer which was fame

Go for medical checkups often and monthly STD checks especially if you have sex with many women

When in money troubles, change your entire lifestyle (downsizing) even if it seems like the end of the world.  The peril of being rich, the higher up you go, the farther you have to fall

If you keep your heart rate low, you can go forever but once you get it into the lactic acid threshold, you burn the fuel in your tank easily. Biking is way easier than running or swimming and is a great way to add tons of volume to your schedule without over-training

Our bodies are capable of ten times more than our mind thinks possible

The secret to having power with women is not needing them. One way is to have multiple options, and the best way is to be happy alone. Girls want to be around guys who radiate confidence and don’t need them for their happiness.

The dynamic to create when dating is to make the girl work for your approval. Not the other way round

Take pride in what you have accomplished, built, or who you are as a person, not where you were born, the color of your skin, or anything that you have no control over.

Money can’t buy happiness, but only pleasure. Happiness comes from doing things that you love, having meaningful relationships, helping people, achieving goals, and being at peace with yourself. Happiness is a state of mind, not something you need to feed, and can last a lifetime if you keep your mind right. Pleasure needs to be fed through sex, money, partying, self-indulgence…. It’s addictive and functions like a drug

Having objectives like money, pissy, and power will never lead to happiness. No matter how much you have, you’ll always want more. These things are infinite and endless traps

You simply have to decide what you want and setup your life so to acquire it. Setup is all about paying your dues now so you don’t have to later. It was all accomplished through setup and perseverance. Look for angles and establish an effective life setup that will help you reach your goals, and in the long run, save untold time and effort.

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