My Grandma Beat Covid-19!!

My 86 – 88 years old (don’t ask ) Grandma beat #COVID19 – feels good saying that. Receiving her negative test, I reflected on the 3 weeks of her sickness. This lady is our family Matriarch, strength and the only parent many of us have left so we were never going to be ready. 

On 11th June, she fell ill and treatment started at home with her doctor (luckily she had gotten her 1st vaccine shot by this time.) A few days later her oxygen levels dropped & the doctor insisted we admit. We hated this. Further, the doctor insisted on Mulago, we jam. Panic, tears & debate ensued. Eh 

Eventually, we allowed Mulago on senior members and the doctor‘s insistence. I went with her and she was immediately put on oxygen on arrival. Worst moment of my life in a while. She was on oxygen for a week and on 25 June went off it. Phukes. That was the longest week of my life. Prayer and Hope. 

Mulago hospital really proved us wrong by the way. Excellent care in addition to (in context of bills circulating around) cheap, if not almost free everything. We just topped up here and there. Oxygen never run out. Doctors & Nurses were our eyes and ears as we had no access to her and they did well. 

On 28 June they called us to pick her and we thought it was a joke. I went again and picked her. She was wheeled out, weak and quiet while a few Doctors and Nurses cheered because as they said, this was rare especially given her age. They called her A FIGHTER . Relief, tears, fatigue – me. 

Jaja is still weak and recovering in isolation now. Today she got her 2second negative. We continue to pray for her full recovery. (I am negative as well, thanks. ). We aren’t bankrupt from her treatment and Mulago really came through. Systems can actually work in Uganda. RELIEF mainly right now.


Mulago Hospital led by Deputy ED Dr. Rosemary Byanyima , her Dr. Irene Mugide and her nurse Prossy Tumukunde, my entire extended family led by my super sister Juliana Mukasa-Kagwa , our friends & Ki all you prayer warriors out here supporting us daily. We are in your debt. Above all, we thank God for being faithful to us. 

To all those who serve at the frontline, those who have loved ones being treated for it right now, those who have lost loved ones to it, those who have recovered from it and all of us generally;

“This pain is not forever, this moment in time is not forever, nothing is forever.”


Been mentally in the pits lately but now I also begin to heal. My people have been there for me. It’s a real “BULYOMU AGUMYE MUNNE” thing this. 

Just wanted to share this & encourage the next guy out there going through this. Keep the hope, the sun will shine again 

Mulago hospital can work, this Country can work, we just need some deliberate efforts towards this. It surprised me this time and gave me hope that there is an opportunity for things to work in Uganda 

Note to our leaders.


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