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My 100-dollar-bet on who will succeed Governor Mutebile

Since his indisposition became public knowledge a few years ago, the frontlines of succession were drawn. The jostling and clamouring began.

Contenders bootlicked, prayed, fasted, visited shrines, backstabbed each other, lobbied, and traded all manner of favours, including bodily fluids. The more sophisticated ones published obsequious opinions in the media, and even met powerbrokers at odd hours, in discreet locations near and far.

This week, before the man is laid to rest, a report in the New Vision ran a laundry list that featured Louis Kasekende, Michael Atingi-Ego, Ezra Suruma, Allen Kagina, Joseph Muvawala, Keith Muhakanizi, Richard Byarugaba, and Patrick Mweheire as possible replacements.

All the above, in my estimation, are first-rate individuals in their own right, with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Based on the politics of the day, my gut feeling is that none of the above, or anyone who holds a similar pedigree, will be appointed to shape, and steward the country’s monetary policy.

See, with the help of Owiny Dollo & Associates, the Emperor of Kagutastan has neutered the Judiciary. Jacob Oulanyah and his Deputy have ensured that Parliament is a clearing and forwarding house for the First Family’s interests. Effectively, the entire Justice, Law and Order Sector, together with all watchdog institutions are blind, deaf, and dumb.

As for Cabinet, (and the ministries, departments, commissions, and authorities thereunder), forget it! After destroying those two arms of government, why would the Old Man want a new headache in a top institution?

Museveni’s skullduggery is consistent, and more than ever, he needs as many sycophants, goons, rent-seekers, wheeler-dealers, and fortune hunters by his side. He is not going to appoint the kind of person you need to judiciously administer monetary policy, supervise commercial banks, reign in on pervasive money laundering and other forms of organized crime, much less someone who understands and can push back against the excesses of the IMF and foreign multinational capital.

A garden variety clown, who will do his biddings, such as open the taps to steal an election, print money, or avail funds to stockpile teargas, guns, poison, and pay off PR companies is just what the NRA junta, at this current stage of decay, needs for a Governor of the country’s central bank.

If a credible replacement is appointed, good luck to them swimming in the same cesspool with Nabbanja, Buchaman, Anite, Baryomunsi, Ogwang, and Full Figure.

Fingers crossed.


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Written by Karamagi Andrew

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