#MuwadoReloaded You Are Invited To The Launch of Muwado, The African Social Network

Over its 6 years of existence, Muwado has been evolving.

It started as a personal blog of the founder, Roland Byagaba, to capture his experiences as a 21st Century African trying to figure out this thing called life. It soon expanded into a lifestyle news platform to capture additional voices from the continent. This was upon the realization that one point of view, however ambitious, wasn’t going to capture the pulse of the African experience so more contributors were brought on board. This model became unstainable quickly due to financial limitations to pay contributors so, instead of folding up, the platform was upgraded into an Africa-centric social network open to anyone that wanted to share their story. No gatekeeping. During all this evolution, what hasn’t changed is the underlying vision of rediscovering and rethinking African storytelling. That has always been the primary motivation for the platform. 

The evolution now continues as Muwado takes on a new form that we believe will finally crack the mission. Storytelling is a noble pursuit but one of the barriers to it is the economics. Creating content is usually relegated to a side passion because it doesn’t pay well outside of a corporate structure. Muwado, going forward, is, therefore, embarking on trying to crack this creative economy for African storytellers. Successful social networks make serious amounts of money for the founders but users rarely see a coin, unless they become influencers. Our summarized idea is to redesign the platform with ubuntu, which advocates for society progressing together, as a foundational philosophy in order to enable users to earn from their content. This will involve expanding the user base so more people are contributing content and a system that fairly distributes the revenue that comes from the resultant traffic increase amongst the users. That’s what we are building frantically towards. 

Making this happen requires more than just a brilliant idea though. It needs buy-in from the targeted demographic. This is, therefore, a rallying call for you, dear established and aspiring African content creator and consumer, to join Muwado. Bring your content to us, grow with us and let us build the kind of capacity where the numbers start to make sense and Muwado is able to share with you whatever revenue is earned from all this content. The platform might be a bit shaky as we are in Beta mode but we ask that you understand because we are tinkering in the background trying to make sure it does what we need it to do. Just let us know in case you have any suggestions on what you think could be better and we shall add it to our to-do list. This is as much your thing as it is ours. 

And because Muwado has never had an official launch before, we are going to have a launch event mixed with a 6-year celebration to celebrate the journey so far as we embark on this new direction. You as a friend, well-wisher and potential member that wants to know more about the platform and how best to utilize it for your creative endeavors are invited to party with us at 6 pm, 04th October 2019 at Design Hub, 5th Street, Industrial Area (RSVP here for free entry). As a continental social network, we plan to have launch events across all African cities so look out for dates in a location close to you [We also need representatives in each African country so if you feel you are right for this role in your country, reach out to us via our inbox here and we begin a conversation]

Let us tell the African story together properly, yes? Help us share this post to spread the word and be sure to create an account before you leave this page. 

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Written by Muwado

Muwado is an ambitious African social networking website on a mission to give a voice to and financially empower storytellers from especially developing nations.

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