#MuwadoLoveLetter Cinderella!


They trigger a whole new me all the time, sometimes complete shockers. I am weak when I should be strong and am Strong when I should be broken.

Nokias!!!Fortunately or unfortunately I am using a Nokia phone. I Love Nokias, they have a good battery life but maybe am using an old version, it has a limit on words yet my heart is overflowing with all these feelings I must share, the words that you have taught my heart to speak, feelings I thought I had lost though am glad to find, bad part is I am going to have to break my message into bits because of the word limit.

Bits, I was still saying but there is nothing you cant fix, you always put things together and make it seem like it was never in pieces, my heart you fixed it too, my life you were the missing bit but you showed up and fixed it.

The Ball!

Maybe I should call it the ghostly days. The Princess dances with her Prince and runs away before midnight, that part of our life you and I know how it always was, before anyone could find us, we had to run until we could run no more.

The Sandle!

We did not have to have the glass sandle to know it would fit, it just fit and I was glad it was finally official and I love musing about our whole life together starting from the first text to now this that I am writing now.

Happily ever after!

In the movie they say and they lived happily ever after, in the world no one has found the joy I found in loving you, not afraid of being hurt, me trusting you was not an option and I have enjoyed every bit till am thinking …Wait!

We ain’t there yet. Am not insinuating anything due to things beyond our control, we haven’t had this life time commitment as yet but we have lived happily ever after 16 months and 16 days…but again I now seem to be lost, I think the movie should have continued

Cinderella!!! Did she keep dancing in those glass sandles or she put them off and wore them to specific places around specific people because my feet are beginning to grow weary in them. Should I keep dancing cos I am Certainly smiling just to keep my Prince smiling.

Smiling I said, knowing my Prince would see the discomfort in my eyes and probably stop spinning me for a second so we could all rest…something ain’t right being a Princess I cant do much but I have a Prince. Fix it Love. Figure it out and fix it. Its almost midnight.

Cast Crew! This ain’t a movie but if it were who else apart from you and me would be in the cast…

Amazingly I would still sign out as One love because that is what you will always be…just fix whatever seems unfixed.

Aaaaand 1…2…3 Cut!!!! Problem Fixed. I am lucky to have you Shweety. Yes Shweety, that’s what he calls me.

I Love You!!!!


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