#MuwadoLoveLetter22. Love letter to myself:Dear self,you're your own kind of beautiful…

Not this “Beautiful, but if only you lost a few..”

Not the “Kind of beautiful that you take some time to see, and then when you see it, its there”

Not these unsolicited “So, what’s your tribe?”

Then, ” Oh wow, you’re beautiful for a _”

Definitely not the “Hmmm, I didn’t think you’re from there, you look more like a _” .

Queen, you’re the kind of beautiful that moves hearts and souls to tears,

The kind that loves completely and fulfillingly,  unconditionally,

The kind that changes lives.

Yours is the kind that precedes you, and then lasts lifetimes after you,

The kind they speak about in legends and parables,

A kind that never fades,

It’s a beauty that makes souls want to give their lives to the saviour,

A God-given kind of beauty, human eyes cannot even begin to perceive it.

I want to remind you that beauty is neither relative nor absolute,

It is a wholesome entity of its own that barely ends on physical appearance.

Consists of one thousand other components

Which cannot be comprehended by a thing as feeble as the human mind.

When I try to think of beauty and make sense of it,

Especially when it comes to yours,

I think of things like déjà vus and coincidences

Things like black holes and The Bermuda triangle,

Things far beyond us.

That is what I can compare your beauty to,  not amount,

I could never amount something so infinite.

Doing that, I would then embark on more impossible things like counting the stars or meausuring the grains of sand on the seabed.

Mind you, there’s beauty in the obscene and beauty in the absurd,

There’s beauty in scars and beauty in flaws,

Even in the quior.

There’s beauty in just about anything if you look at it right,

And that is the wonder that life is.

So most beautiful, my parting words to you.

May you seek a beauty that astounds you and sucks all the breath out of your lungs.

May you encounter beauties that outshine and outlast yours,

May they move you to tears and inspire you.

And lastly,

No one should ever define you, beauty,

As long as they are not your maker.

Yours seriously and enviously,


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