#MuwadoLoveLetter To My Love

To the Love of my Life,

I know you will probably kill me for doing this, but i guess its worth the risk.
We met back in 2012 where our loves seed was just planted. As the days went by our loves plant grew stronger, what have we not accomplished. I believe if a couple can make it through long distance with love so strong then they can accomplish anything
we made it through despite of all that we went through, apart for 2 years, my family against our love, you stood by me ever so strong, and no man can stand by me like you did.
when you are around life is like a beautiful fairytale, i see sparks fly every night, i feel cold inside with just the thought of you, your every touch has fixed my problems, we fought destiny, we fought the soceity and managed out of it still bonded.
We may be the first love story where the couple actually ended up together alive. Your every breath is now connected to mine, if the first beat of my heart is you then the second beat of your heart is me, our love is a seduction itself, you are my drug, im intoxicated by your every look
with Gods grace we are now together for 3 years, we have grown from a small plant to a tree bearing the juciest fruits ever grown, i love you to the moon and back, i love you to the earths core, i love you for always and forever.
Ps:, thanks for being my valentine the third time ❤️


Written by Sarah Mitha (0)

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