#MuwadoLoveLetter Forbidden in Eden

Our eyes met in the foyer,
Over the bustle around the lobby…
He smiled at me with his eyes,
I smiled back… my heart thumped ..
I felt it beating faster louder… eeeish!
Just from a smile???
My goodness!!!
What was wrong with me?
I felt faint, dizzy, and next thing I knew,
I was on the floor, and it all went black!

He is calling again! He calls a lot lately!
With each day, it’s always later.
Tonight is not any different,
Only the questions are a little intimate
How’s your man?’ he asks.
Is he there with you?

He knows it’s risky
But I love that it’s frisky and tricky
All this sneaking around,
It makes me weak, it’s so sweet
The way he looks at me,
Flirts with me…

His texts are my aphrodisiac,
They make me wet,
I can feel his sultry voice
Teasing me, taunting me
He’s telling me
We should be more than just….
“What we are?” I ask…

I love this dance,
This mating dance… like two peacocks…

I can’t do this (yes I can)
I need to block him (no I don’t)
I should (no I shouldn’t)
What if… what if it goes wrong? (What if not?)
Damn that little naughty voice in my head!!
Damn it to hell!!


I am lusting for him
Every nerve ending on my body pines for him
The heart is willing to fight
But my body is weak
This isn’t right

My girls think am crazy
Having dreams about someone else’s baby
Staying after hours,
So that I can see him for a few more hours

I’ve changed my walk,
My talk and my dress
My perfume too…

I think he’s noticed too…
For he hangs around around till late too..

Me and my boss got it going so good,
Sneaking winks and sultry looks in meetings,
In the pantry,
At the copier,
In the boardroom…..
Maybe we should…
In all those places…
Make our mark…
As we make sex faces…


That immaculate Italian suit…
Or those blue jeans.. ohhhh lawd!! Those snug jeans…
How do I restrain myself I wonder?

I can see us on his patio,
Having brunch
Sipping on Mojitos
Calming our bodies down after indulging in the forbidden….

There’s something wrong with me, the doc says.
He hands me my meds, sends me on my way.

It’s all in my head he says.



Written by Sugah Less (0)

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