#MuwadoLoveLetter For the apple of my eye

Letters…a series of characters jumping out at you trying to make an impression…each hoping to be strung along with another to make sense… Not all letters make sense though, some just happen to be, well…they just happen to be.

You see, what I want to tell you is how that one time, that morning, I moved heaven and earth to make sure I’d be by your side, but there’s no way I can over glamorize the tale. The story that I had prepped involves a shoot, as any good story should.

At this shoot, I happen to be the “be all” and everything revolves around me. Halfway through the shoot, I receive a call summoning me. Telling me you’re on your way. I drop everything, much to the ire of the client that has hired me. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” he screams at my skinny back.

“My baby needs me,” I scream back… well technically not “back” as such, but into the wind in front of me hoping it will carry the retort to the desired target. It does, but I imagine with a certain force that elicits a threat that prompts me to stop and, this time for good measure, turn back and shout, “Tell that to someone who cares!”.

Minutes later, my phone rings and mother is calling me, asking me why some strange man is calling her and threatening to have me fired.

That’s the story I want to tell you, because, all things considered, that’s a little easier to swallow than I crossed an ocean to be by you…

But like any good story, there’s a moral and the one hiding somewhere in my gymnastics and traffic dodging is this, I would do anything for you. Hell, I might even sit through a verse in a Justin Bieber song if that’s what it took to bring a smile to your face. That’s right, I’d let my ears bleed for you, because such is the nature of love.


It’s a word you’ve heard a lot and sometimes… you’ll keep hearing it and sometimes you’ll buy it, sometimes you won’t. Once or twice you may even return the word. When you see it here, I want you to know that unlike other four letter words that I might have been cheapened with overuse, this one, unlike some celebrities, still holds water. Trust me on this.

I’m not keen on overwhelming you with cheesy one-liners, I don’t even know if you like cheese (it’s glorious, don’t let anyone tell you any different), but words have an annoying tenacity to waltz into an abyss when I so desperately need them…

I’m not a dancer, but on a good day I’ll do the tango with phrases and create such a spectacle, the likes of which no canvas could contain, like a fine painting….and the only reason I bring up paintings is because in some sort of roundabout way, I want to tell you that your beauty must grace a canvas some day…

You have me wrapped around your finger and I’m not even worried that you will take advantage of the fact. If you don’t, then what’s it all for? You are, after all is said and done, my reason.

I’d be lying if I said I was caught by surprise. I knew that WE would be, it was really a question of when. If I was given to allusions, a farmer awaiting a harvest comes to mind. Heh. Look at us discussing matters of the heart and agriculture in the same paragraph. What’s next, you reap what you sow?

I suppose what I’m saying is since you came into my life, corny song lyrics started to make sense, everything became crystal clear. . .

When you finally do read this, and you will, beyond the meandering phrases, the incoherent babble and the disjointed paragraphs one thing ought to peer through; daddy loves you Iris, Welcome to my life.


Written by Ivan Musoke (0)

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