#MuwadoLoveLetter Appreciating Love in these times, appreciating you.

My Love,


I think about the time before you were a part of my life.

I remember aimlessly drifting from one place to another,

for I was bereft a cause in life.

Hurt and broken, Out of hope i stood- my glories had dawned

through the years and your love ushered in moments of absolute clarity.

Each moment i turn to reminisce and think of how life was before you,

i realize that God in his infinite wisdom led me to you and has made my life

a better place.


With dedication and patience, you so effortlessly

became the center of my world through the years

that I know i would be lost without you.

Clumped with an outstanding intellect and wit,

you made me long to sit at your feet and learn everything

you knew- a sweet fascination that still drives me crazy…

Your love is a psalm upon my lips in times of joy when i

am waiting to see you and in times of sorrow when I

endure your absence.

An endurance I still cherish through all my days each moment that

i think of you and the love now bestowed in our daughter’s eyes.

Unbidden, which is the joy you spread through my life.


For all that you have been through the years; our bad times

and good times, i am thankful and offer my gratitude in words-

If I were a song writer, i would put my feelings into music and,

if I were a painter, i would paint a lovely picture of us.

A lovely portrait of our love bound by faith and honesty

through the years, crimsoned with the best old skool memories

from Chaka Khan as we swirl across the room-

“My funny Valentine…Sweet, comic Valentine.

You make me smile with my heart…”

Make me smile today,


Happy St. Valentine’s Day, Darling. 🙂


By Carolyne Floetry Ecstatic.


Carolyne Acen M.


Written by Carolyne Ecstatic (0)

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