#MuwadoLoveLetter A rouge Kind Of Love

Dear object of my affection,

Allow me make a suggestion:

Could we move to Brokeback Mountain and live in seclusion? Marinate in resolute reclusion!
We’d reduce on the population in collusion
Yeah I know it gives you some sort of satisfaction

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a Y incision,
Don’t fret babe! I saw you cut Mary Sue up with meticulous precision

Did I catch you off guard? Pardon me!
No, that wasn’t my intention.
Infiltration! I don’t mind a little…infestation
Like worms, eat away at my notions!

I just want in on your mischievous expedition
Take me to boot camp, be my f * * * * * * drill surgeon!
Worry not sugar! Promise I’ll act with discretion;
Viewer discretion! I want to be privy to all your private sessions!

I can keep a secret; no I won’t help with their investigation.
You have my word, I’ll be your alibi, won’t give them no information!
So put me under consideration but proceed with CAUTION!
If you turn me down, I just might have a contusion!

I’m sick ain’t i? Someone please call the CDC
Good girls should not have this kind of predisposition…
I’m intrigued by your unhinged –killer disposition!
I am completely beguiled, mesmerized! Some may even call this an obsession…

Crazy or not, I have made my decision…inculcation!
Teach me the science of your perversion!
Take me out of amateur-nation
Show me the ropes; prep me for our bloody missions!

Let’s carry out creepy operations in isolation
Soak in Bath tubs of blood and relish in our prey’s subjugation!
Parasites! Yeah, we’ll feed off of their resignation!

I love trouble! We could wreck havoc; how about that for an intimation?
If you get shot down, I’ll be your nurse; I’ll give you an ‘at-home’ transfusion.
Infusion! There won’t be no coagulation!
Our blood networks in the same circuit of circulation

I promise this is all of my own volition
Consider this; my new found vocation
Something that I’ll do with utmost dedication!
To you…I bequeath all my love and devotion

Transcendence! Our love is not bound by mortality and location
Quick question, do you believe in reincarnation?
Surely nothing; finite as death could result in our dissipation

I’ve never felt such immense explosion!
Pied piper! Our tune is playing in perfect syncopation…
My heart is literally dancing with rainbow emotions
Intensity! Pray I don’t have me any palpitations!

These ain’t delusions!
Honey, there should be no confusion!
I suffer from a permanent condition
I love you with such primordial magnification!

I checked my bearings, made some clarifications!
I’ve found that you’re my final destination;
Incarceration! Make me a den of black roses in your haunted mansion

My love is selfish, I love you without deduction
No division, F * * * the fractions!
I love you in infinite addition, no subtractions!

I’m sorry for all this narration
Guess I’m just overflowing with emotion
Hear me well! For you I’d break all the rules and regulations!

I hope my words ring with reverberation
This note right here’s more than just a Valentine’s Day edition;
Consider this, a forever yours rendition!

Now, do I have all your attention?

Do or die, tell me doll – what’s your conclusion?

Till death do us part, I remain forever yours!


your secret admirer.


Written by Kc Cherie (0)

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