Some call her MOTHER or MAMA


For 9 Months we grew inside this someone,

This someone fed us, cared for us and loved us.

This someone took care of themselves for us.


She is love!

And this is apparent in the different shapes her love comes in.

A smile, a hug, a kiss, a well-cooked favourite dish, or a beautiful statement.

But it also comes as a warning, a rejection, a scolding and even a slap.


In 9 months, her love was born, nurtured, and matured.

When you opened your eyes for the first time, it was born again,

And for another 9 months she carried you on her back or by her chest.

She fed you, cleaned you, cuddled you and sang for you.

Now, she carries your soul, your emotions, your experiences, and your stories.

She holds your happiness and sadness,

As you grow, you go to her for guidance and wisdom,

Thus, she carries your future as well.


The mother is also a diverse figure.

Maybe she didn’t carry you,

Maybe you didn’t suckle at her breast,

Maybe she just met you and loved you.

Maybe she just fed you,

Maybe she just told you not to go down a certain path,

Or maybe she told you to take the leap of faith.

A friend, a companion, a partner in crime, a guide, a teacher, a protector, a hero, a healer.


Who is your mother to you?


By Maniple Denzel Everd

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Written by Denzel Maniple Everd (4)

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