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Men have very little time to pray. As women, we need to spend most of our time praying for our men…

Christians, The most ridiculous thing I have heard recently on the “let men be men” conversation is,

“Men have very little time to pray. As women, we need to spend most of our time praying for our men. Even God listens to women faster.”

I’m sorry what???  I’ve heard women used to being devalued, normalizing disrespect by saying things like, “Men will be men. Let them cheat. As long as he returns to you. Smile as usual. Do your duties as usual. Give him your body. Continue submitting as if nothing happened.”

I’ve often asked these women, “Why is it that when men cheat it is dubbed as normal male activity but once a woman does the same she is seen as pure evil, disrespectful, shameful and even thrown out of her household?”

These same women have responded, “It is okay for a man to even bring home another child for you to take care of but once a woman brings home another child, it is a bastard and shouldn’t be taken care of by the man.”

As in all of the sanity, exposure, and education humanity has given us, women we have actually agreed that all of this is right?

As in we have become such ridiculous messes to the extent that we even excuse men from prayer? My goodness!! Men can go about being adulterous, drinking till morning and all but women must remain home and pray for their cheating husbands? Bathong!!!!!!!

I am not saying we shouldn’t pray for our men but we sit here and think because we mere mortals have decided to take men as gods, God is also out there cutting them some slack on prayer time? Ah!

Men are busy. Women are busy. Both should be adult enough to create prayer time. All this being said if you believe there is a God anyway!

Y’all be out here wagging your equally sinful fingers at women who have had five divorces saying they are the problem- but these are mostly women simply not tolerating the disrespect most of you are being silent on in your unhappy marriages in the name of “men will be men!”

These are women who have learnt the meaning of self-value and are not afraid to end up alone whilst you dwindle in your belief of the companionship status quo!

Cheers to the old women with 20 cats! Most of the headlines will say they lived miserable lives, died sad and lonely, but you will find they actually had the most fulfillment in the golden eyes of those fluffy creatures.

Sometimes all the happiness you need is in a healthy house plant-  not a chauvinistic, disrespectful idiot!

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Written by Mercy Geno Apachi (1)

Journalist, Poet, Writer, Emcee, Digital Marketer, Copywriter

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