Everyone is special. We say that so much without ever giving a thought to what it really means, without giving ourselves a moment to analyse and understand what it stands for. I thought that I knew special. Watching all those Disney shows, I have heard the word said so much, it has become as ordinary as inhaling second hand smoke in a bar.

I have realized over time……..I didn’t know special before I knew you. The thing is though, that before that, I had no idea that I didn’t know.

You have taught me that to be special meant; to have someone listen to me, because they love to hear me talk. To have them say the dumbest thing just to make me laugh; simply because my laugh, apparently, has a melody to it (your words!).To have them look at me with such  awe and wonder. To say sweet things like; you have the most beautiful eyes that I’ve ever seen; and have me actually believe them simply because I know that they truly mean it and that it isn’t just a line.

I didn’t know the meaning of being someone’s priority, or even of having someone want to be with me and just be with me…………..all of me. I didn’t know that someone could love my weaknesses as much as my strengths. I didn’t know that you could be angry with someone and still love them with all your heart; and you showed me that in the most real and honest way. I had no idea someone could want to take care of me; take away my blues, wipe away my tears,  make my hurts vanish like a mist, and just want to make my life a little easier. Very few people would love to stay during the storms. But you stay especially then; because you say, every time,  that that’s when I need you the most. You hold me when I’m sad or insecure, because you know it reassures me so. You put off everything when I say I need you, and you may never know just how much that means to me.

You have taught me what feeling special is; that it comes with an assurance that I am enough for you. With all my different flavors, my various sides, the sweet and sour or the baggage and craziness; that I am exactly, or even better than, what you’ve always dreamed of. The assurance that no one else can give you that better than I can. No one else can give you me, better than I can. The assurance that you’ll chose me on any given day.

You have taught me that feeling special is awesome, but it is not the whole story. You have taught me that the knowledge that I am special; that knowledge that you have worked hard to give me; that knowledge that you have visibly shown me 100 times over; that that is the real GIFT.

You are without a doubt, my one and only valentine.


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Written by Prudence Sabiiti

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