March Message: Practice Grace

Do you ever think about the pressure you have to encounter as you go through life?

The pressure society puts on us, and then family/peers. In comes the very worst (in my opinion) the one we put on ourselves.

When a good friend fails to get a job we will quickly tell them something like “Those guys don’t know what they are missing, something better will come along.”

When it is our turn? We convince ourselves that we did something wrong or we aren’t good enough.

We are constantly chasing timelines that are generic and unrealistic, not to mention the desire for unattainable perfection (why must we punish ourselves so?)

What did 21-year old you know while deciding where you should be by now? “They” didn’t factor in entire pandemics and wars either 

I know it’s easier said than done but since we know that things get better with practice, let us practice grace, yes? Give yourself grace for taking longer to get to that milestone or even for throwing away the dream (that may not have really been yours to start with)

Allow yourself to enjoy your ‘right now’ without letting comparison steal the joy. If it’s time for transforming, go ahead and pursue it, on your terms.

Start over if you need to, change your mind without fear, let go without beating yourself up for it, pursue the new thing that seems _impossible_, choose the people and things that feel good.

We need to remember that the one person we will be with till death literally parts us is uhm..

* Pause *

 look in the mirror

This March, may the pressure you feel be the good kind, the one which allows you to be free, to dream, to do the things that set your soul on fire, to morph, not because “someone” said so, but because you chose to.

Have an awesome one!


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Written by Esther Kalenzi

Celebrating life and humour; attempting to make a difference in deed and through my first love, writing.

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