Misinterpretation and misrepresentation of Obulongo mu Butonzi led to male chauvinism, which in turn led to feminism and empowerment movements.

The result is the break up of the family unit and nature’s order.

There is no “equality” in Obulongo.

Male and Female species are each masters of their respective domains, and are responsible for that order. They each meet at the throne to discuss their domains and how to keep these in order.

Is a bicycle equal to a car? Is a car equal to a bus? Is a bus equal to a truck? Is a truck equal to a train? Is a train equal to a plane? Is a plane equal to a ship?

There’s no point in comparing these, for they all serve a purpose in their domains. It is not a competition.

Creation comes out of Male and Female Energy (Obutonzi, Obutonde and Obuzaale).

In a split second of interaction, an egg(s) is fertilized. Then the Guardian Spirits of Creation embark on the work of shaping the being in the womb of the female.

Each of these has a name and a job to do in the creation process (I’ll go into this one day).

For example, humans tend to think that we’re so superior to other species. We really aren’t, we’re just different, each masters of our domains.

As much as we have done so much to destroy other species, they will probably outlive humanity, for they still follow nature’s order. Tebyegeziwaza kisusse.

Disruption of nature’s order is causing a lot of problems and chaos on this planet.

We can all think we’re wise enough to rearrange nature to suit the way we think it should be, but the end will not be pretty. In fact, it is already chaotic, right from the family unit to the thrones of leadership.

It might be better if we create our own planet elsewhere, and leave this one to follow the order and rules of its Makers; The Male and Female Energies. Obutonzi.



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