Lockdown…But We Are Still Going to Hit Those Body Goals

The world is at standstill thanks to the Coronavirus. This also means that so many people aren’t moving around enough to for them to stay fit. My worry is that we might come out of this lockdown, only to deal with new diseases.

But we don’t have too. If you are wondering how to put in even just a few minutes of work out time during this period, let me share a few tips with you, for this period:

1. Do what you enjoy: One of the most important ingredients for a successful exercise routine is to do something that you enjoy. If you hate to run, don’t run. Sometimes, all you need is to move your body as constantly as you like. Do you love dancing? There…

2. Be consistent: Exercising hard for a week, only to take the next month off, doesn’t lead to results. So make sure you are consistent with your routine. Sure, the first few weeks may be tough, but once you’ve turned exercise into a habit, your decision to work out will be on autopilot. After all, now you are home all day.

3. Get stronger: Strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders and athletes. Doing any type of resistance training — with weights, resistance bands, or your own body, can help. You don’t need to squat 400 pounds, but you should do some resistance training to increase your lean muscle mass, get your heart-pumping, and help protect against falls as you get older.

4. Get a partner: This might be harder during this period, especially if you live alone. However, exercising with someone else can help you stick with your workouts and motivate you to get fit even when you don’t feel like it. So using some of the meeting apps like Zoom/Google Hangouts and JitSi to exercise with your buddies?

5. Set a goal: It’s hard to stay motivated unless you have a goal to aim at. So before you start a routine, think about what you want to get from it. Is it heart-health? Do you want to look better? Do you want to feel better? Think about why you want (or need) to exercise, and then set a big goal around it. That’s how you’ll stay motivated.

Happy Exercising!

By Mark Peter Sseggirinya

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