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Life Lessons from The Lion King Movie

I finally watched the live-action Lion King last night. I get where the people who didn’t like it are coming from, it’s not as colourful as the animation ? but sweet Jesus I love that story!

I obviously fast-forwarded past Mufasa’s death. Yes, at this my big age, I can’t handle seeing Mufasa die. Maybe it’s because I have experienced loss often and it’s not my favourite thing about this journey. I also did not want to see Simba’s devastation at not just losing his father but believing Scar’s lie that he was responsible.

“Simba, remember who you are”. There’s not a line in all of movie history that I love more than this. Wonder Woman once said it to Superman when he came back from the dead and was destroying everything. Moana said something similar to the island whose heart had been stolen.

The forgetting or loss of identity; a much bigger issue than we often realise. Simba was eating bugs, frolicking with Timon and Pumba and hakuna matata-ring his life away.

“You are king”. Did you see that part where Simba came out of nowhere to save Pumba from Nalla? The Lion came out when he came face to face with one like him. Oh, the beauty of meeting those who mirror your identity. Those who call the real you out but also call you out on your foolishness.

“I held the son of Mufasa” “Look closely, he’s alive in you” The beauty of the encouragers who won’t give up on you. The elders who speak into your life and know who you are even when you have forgotten. The ones who help you find your way back.

Simba remembered who he was when he was reminded whose son he was. He remembered all that his father taught him. He got his roar back.

I don’t know if there’s a part in this movie I enjoyed more than when the lions roared. When Mufasa roared that time he came to save his son from hyenas. When Simba remembered who he was and roared before setting off back to the pride lands. When Simba roared and for a moment Scar thought he was seeing Mufasa. When Simba roars at the end standing at Pride rock after defeating the enemy.

“Remember who you are”

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