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I can’t remember if we did anything at Khainza Energy in 2018. I believe, mostly, we just waited. It was a difficult year. I spent some months doing gigs at a really cool advertising agency around town.

The pay was lousy, but the job was really fun because everyone was super creative. I had a beautiful girlfriend. We never had any money most of the time. But I made many promises and we talked a lot (mostly I, she just listened).

We got evicted. She went to her sister’s. I went to my parents’ house. After about two weeks, I got a call from CURAD and eventually, they wrote me a cheque for UGX 2,000,000.

We moved to a new house. I started pushing proposals and prospecting for any work really. I got an opportunity to do a training (poultry, goats, piggery) at a refugee camp in West Nile. My salary would be UGX 100,000 per day.

A few times I’d travel 450km, reach home in the middle of the night (2 am). My girl would fix me a warm bath and meal while the world outside slept. I felt this was soo cool.

On one of these journeys, I came for a VISA application to travel to New York to interview for $80,000 from Echoing Green.

This is 2019. That was a very good year. We were introduced to AVSI and they got us opportunities to do some really great work around the country.

We started 2020 with a bang. Our biogas systems were commissioned by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands to Uganda. We had closed contracts worth up to $42,000 and we were set for a great year.

Then COVID happened. Our contracts were suspended. I stayed in with my girlfriend. We cooked, watched movies, played games, even started a home gym. I could tell we were growing apart cause we got irritable with each other.

So I started walking to office just to give her some space. Our business was again on the verge of collapse. I noticed that there were many bikes delivering cooking gas.

I decided to use the time to write proposals to all our sponsors and partners. USADF wrote us a cheque for $1,000 which we invested in Khainza Gas. They loved it and got us $10,000 more. We invested it exhaustively.

By this time, my girlfriend and I had broken up. I was devastated. But the business was really exciting though we were spending quite a lot of money getting into the market.

Six months later, Khainza Energy is a reputable brand with paying customers and staff on payroll. The company is almost independent now.

I don’t know how it all happened.

I can only admit and confess that there is definitely something supernatural out there which is determined to get us to certain level.

Today, we launched the #45KGS #KhainzaGas for Restaurants #KhainzaKiosks.

I’m now comfortably single. Our company is shaping up. It is awful lonely but I am finding God. And making money is a great painkiller for such things.

There’s no reward for success. If you make money, then you can spend it. That’s all.

I pray that we get the freedom to let go of strife.

Get the #45KGS #KhainzaGas at ONLY UGX 230,000 


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Written by Wonny Arthur (0)

Arthur is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about engineering and writing. He is the co-founder of Khainza Energy and a fellow of Echoing Green.

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