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LET ME TAKE YOU BACK #Stories4Health

  • Let me take you back to a time,

When the clock struck midnight,

The gong resonated throughout two poles of the earth,

The wind rumbled,

While thunder roared,

The world fell silent,

And the earth was silenced,

And our ancestors wondered,

 Whether nature had rebelled,

 Because mankind had turned unkind and ruthless.

A time when alarms went off,

And the red and blue lights of the ambulance where seen racing through the streets 24/7

A time when students stood still at the assembly ground,

Before pale-faced school masters,

With the ground underneath their feet hot with anticipation,

And teachers looked glum and gloom,

Stained with fear and worry as presidents announced that school must close.

Who would pay the bills? How would they feed?

A time when marvel super heroes wept,

As they met their match,

And the villain smiled and laughed without pity,

Only to be attacked by nurses and doctors in whit angelic robes,

Only to be left holding their throats,

Struggling to breathe as the stench of death crept up their sleeves, arms, eyes

And the corona virus smugly lurched forward,

 To own their present, future and soon their past.

A time when the news around the world was harmonised,

And only one topic was the lead story,

A time when lights, faces, voices all sounded the same

As channels were switched and all soon became a routine blur,

3000 dead in the United States,

Italy reports 6000 deaths in the last 24 hours,

Country heads deranged with fear and panic,

Ugandans going into lockdown as country boarders are closed off,

Curfew to be effected from 7 pm to 6.30 am

While time held scientists at gun point in the search for solutions,

Humanity was forced to sensitize, sanitize and criticize,

Decisions had to be made,

Who was to blame? The Chinese government or home governments?

Who deserved to be treated and who was to die

Because in the end medical supplies could only serve a few,

Face masks became as crucial as war ships in the First World War

And to survive one had to constantly drench their hands in sanitizer,

 And baptise them with soap and water.

Let me take you back to a time,

When humanity were bound by the shackles of anger,

Hunger, and perfumed with the foul smell of death,

But still fighting to survive,

When stomachs grumbled in protest,

But doors and businesses had to remain shut,

When Ugandans scampered the streets famished with hunger like orphans,

When prices of food stuffs hit the roof,

Transportation was unavailable and each man lived in isolation,

When days rolled into nights,

And social media became the only way you could safely communicate and

The world could only be viewed through screens and window panes.

I beg to take to back to a time when mankind had no choice,

But to preach the gospel of thou shalt wash thy hands for 40 seconds with water and soap,

And sanitize said palms as much as you can,

Or thou shalt not touch thy face or nose or mouth for fear of infection,

Or thou shalt keep a distance of 4 to 8 meters between you and your brother or sister,

Or thou must sneeze into your elbow and not spit or cough in public

And thou must wear a mask in public to show love to thy neighbour to gain thy heavenly father’s blessings,

And finally at a time where there seemed to be no hope,

Mankind rose from the dust like dew in the early morning,

And a castle and fortress was raised with the tears and sweat of nurses and doctors,

Adorned in red barrettes at the frontline,

Waiting, reaching out to string us to the finish line.


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