Kintu and Nambi; Walumbe's delight #24

Continued from; Revenge of the Spider #23

By Mutebi Wilson

“He will not survive this time,” I heard Walumbe sneer, “Not with this task!”

I cast him a sharp glance.He stood tall and proud, his eyes shifting from place to place, veins popping out and beads of sweat had formed at his brow.I had never seen him like this and before I knew it, I felt a pang in my chest. Pity, that is what it was. I knew of his intentions with Nambi and watching the mortal complete his tasks or even aiding him, yet they both wanted the same woman was a twisted game. 

 First, he had longed for the man’s head but Gulu’s summoning saved him. Then, he had wanted him to lose the food challenge but again, the worthless mortal had been triumphant. In fact, Walumbe himself had been of help to his worst enemy in the last challenge.

 Through an outsider’s eyes, one would think the despicable human was on top of the game. To make matters worse,even though Walumbe had pined for Nambi’s affection for a long time, the human had somehow won her heart effortlessly. 

In the end Walumbe’s anger was justified. Even though I did not think it wise for him to pine for Nambi’s affection, Kintu was nothing but a hopeless human and what precedent would it set if a human beat the gods?

However, I was tired of his schemes. Nambi’s heart would never be his and I wondered why he could not see this for himself.

“But why go through all this trouble?” I asked. 

“There was a time when all you did was dig your holes and play your devious games with everything you came across. You cannot manage to win a single thing in this whole fight against Kintu, Nambi is on his side and not on yours. You should basically go back to playing hide and seek with yourself in your holes.” I harshly whispered.

 I turned away from him and tried to feign an interest in my surroundings. The Palace grounds were full of activity as the servants scurried about, doing their duties and sharing the latest gossip amongst themselves. I wondered how many of them were betting on Kintu’s success again.The thought disturbed me. He was becoming a hero of some sort.

 Most of the gods had already gathered and were all waiting with anticipation to see the human fail. There was a wave of panic amongst them every time he successfully completed a task. Even they could not help but gossip about the success of the human. All around me, I found discussions taking place about him. He had become famous. I thought, with an exasperated sigh.

 Truthfully, speaking that dirty human also owed me a thing or two.Ever since his unceremonious arrival into our lives, there had been escalated conflict within our family. At the center of it all, was Nambi’s fondness for him.

 We were gods and intimate relations with something as lowly as a mere mortal  should not have been happening at all. Nambi had crossed the line but I shuddered at the thought of her with Walumbe. She was better off with the human.

“I know that I have wasted a lot in this fight,” he said, “But today it all comes off perfectly. No one can fetch water using a basket,” he smirked.

I was unnerved by the evil look on Walumbe’s face and realised how impossible this task was. Even a god could not do it. At least none came to my mind immediately. Would things finally fall into place for Walumbe?

I turned and looked at him as his lip shone with a bit of saliva and his face lit up with a cheshire smile. Not only would he enjoy this, but it appeared that he was already counting his eggs before they hatched. I, on the other hand, was not that sure the human would fail. Nambi was on his side after all and I had promised her  that I would be of help. 

In a way, it looked like Walumbe was on his own. Whether I had intended to or not, by accepting to help Nambi, I had chosen where my loyalties lay. So, this new task felt like a task for me as well. Kintu had to win, if he lost, I lost and I had never lost against Walumbe. I could not let that happen. It seemed the human’s untimely entrance was not that bad, in fact he had made life more entertaining.

Without realising it, a smirk formed on my face. Not because Walumbe had finally gotten his victim where he wanted him. But because I had gotten a new challenge.

“That will be an interesting one.” I said obliviously.

“What do you mean?” asked Walumbe. He cast me a sharp glance, with his brows knit together.

I had to mask my intentions. I was finally becoming the great benefactor of the whole thing. It would be very nice of me, and for me, if I managed to help Kintu take on this one. 

“You will enjoy this task, brother,” I replied hoping to hide my intentions.

Walumbe may have been foolish for a god, but I did not think he would fail to catch on to what I intended to do. 

“It will be,more so when father decides to dig deeper into the mystery of how a measly mortal with no powers has completed tasks beyond his capabilities.” he drawled.

That was a warning and whatever hope I had of helping the human vanished. Walumbe would oust me to save his neck and I would receive no mercy from Gulu.

 I loathed the fact that I was next to him and only fate knew what lay ahead for Kintu and Nambi.

 What would it be like in the end? Would Kintu finish off this one as well? 

I suddenly realised that I had become fond of the human. He may not have been the best option for Nambi but he was better than Walumbe. But, where would the answer come from? Would it be from Nambi’s goddess ability to talk to animals? Whatever the case, the ball was now in the hands of fate…

To be continued ?, next week on Wednesday

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