Kintu and Nambi; The Song of Nambi's Heart #6

By Faith Murket

“Do you love me, father?” Nambi asked.

Gulu sighed. Was this what he had stayed behind for? Accusations? Of course he loved her. She was his only daughter.

Nambi didn’t wait for her father to reply, “I have been good to you and my brothers father. Even when I had felt alone and desperate. Many times I was disrespected by Walumbe, but you have never seen me complain,” she paused, “But the place of a woman is not her father’s house alongside her brothers. I need a home of my own to nurture.”

Gulu’s stomach tied in knots. He had a pretty good idea where this was going. And he didn’t like it. No. It could not be.

“Father,” Nambi continued, “you need to let me go. This is the only chance I have. To be a wife, to be a mother. Who else will marry me father. Who?”  She had tears in her eyes now. She had always known that something was missing from her life, but she had never been able to place it. The moment she laid eyes on Kintu,she knew what she’d always wanted. This was where she was meant to be. And Kintu was her only hope to a life that was truly hers.

Gulu could not believe what he was hearing but despite what Nambi thought, he had felt her growing misery and today was the first time in a long time he had seen life in his daughter. And it pleased him. Nevertheless, she was the daughter of the King of the heavens, he couldn’t just let her go like that, especially to this man he did not know much about. It hadn’t even been established yet whether he was a liar or not.

He turned his eyes to Kintu who had been silently listening this whole time to their conversation.

Kintu was confused, one sibling wanted to kill him a few minutes ago, one seemed not to care less and now this one was trying to marry him. What was wrong with this family?! All the more reason for him to get his one true love; his cow and return to the earth. He couldn’t stay with these mad gods any longer. 

Kintu looked at Nambi. Yes, she was beautiful and his body reacted strangely towards her but he did not want any trouble. This beautiful, strange girl that made something in his heart stir could not be worth all this trouble.

“Kintu?” Gulu asked, his look stern.

“Yes,” Kintu answered exhausted. “Please, Please, let these mad gods let me go,” his thoughts echoed

“Very well then, Kintu,”. Gulu spat  his name. It was  like something new his mouth was experiencing. His lips perched first as though in a kiss, air passing through his teeth, the tip of his tongue then touching the roof of his mouth then his lips pulled forward again. Kintu had never thought that his name could be weird in any way.

“My daughter seems to think that you are worth a god’s son in law”

Kintu’s heart was racing. Now, Kintu was a simple man. He did not think too hard about things and he had no ambitious goals set for his life. But in a short period of time, this family seemed to be changing his entire world. He looked back at Nambi, her nose was strong like her father’s and there was determination between her brows. He couldn’t help it, his eyes went toward her backside as she stood up, there was something interesting about hers. Kintu thought about his own. It was a normal part of his body, he used his buttocks to sit and it gave him relief of the food he had eaten. But something about hers made him a little cheerful, he wanted to touch it…

Gulu followed Kintu’s gaze. He could not believe it. His little girl. Nambi seemed pleased with the attention. She tried to keep from smiling but miserably failed. So… he felt it too.

“I have tasks for you”

Something about the way he said it brought the fear back into Nambi’s heart. She looked at her father.

At that very moment, Gulu had made a decision. He loved his daughter and he would lose her to a man eventually. But not to this one and not this soon. He would give him tasks to make Nambi think he was giving him a chance. But it would all be a facade. These tasks would be impossible to a human. The man would return to the earth, with or without his cow, Gulu didn’t care. Just not with his daughter!

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