Kintu and Nambi; The Face of A God Gone Mad #3

By Mutebi Wilson

I looked on to father with eyes that always tempted to take a peek at Nambi. By now I had expected her weak spot for the creature to stand out.

“So, you claim my children stole your cow,” Gulu growled once again.

“Yes,” the man squeaked

“With all the cattle that dwells in this place,” Gulu said, “You want me to believe that my three little ones would rush from this paradise into the land of forests?”

The man’s eyes darted towards us. I purposefully looked away in hope that I would avoid being the next person facing father’s interrogation. Gulu was a complicated person. He had permitted us to visit the earth but never had he permitted us to do anything this drastic.

He was right in his wisdom, but who could bare the boredom of being trapped alone in a place where basically the only way to live was to experience the fear and irking respect of the residents.

“Ye sebo,” the man whispered

“But you are an immortal being,” said Gulu, “You could survive without your creature, and yet you come here in an attempt to force me to flog my children.”

“It is not about flogging your children, it is about my life. Without that cow, I will live with no companion, no food, no activity. All I will have is boredom, hunger and loneliness.”

It was then that my eyes darted back to Nambi. I could see her examine the man from a distance. Her eyes stayed fixed on him in awe.

“What is the use of immortality if all it means is misery,” asked the man.

I felt Walumbe storm past me. His wounds seemed to have vanished basing on the way he drew himself towards the poor man.

“Father, this man is a liar,” retorted Walumbe, “I can prove it.”

I listened, wondering what was next. We had stolen the cow for sure but Walumbe seemed to have even more plans for it than he had actually let on. Judging by the way he was reacting, he’s only role in the whole scheme was mere distraction. Hadn’t Nambi intervened, that could have been the end of our new visitor.

I saw Gulu smirk. Sometimes he liked the antics of Walumbe even though he himself had condemned them a number of times.

“Too much of listening to strangers,” said Gulu, “SPEAK”

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