KING'S College "Budo"

If ever you needed a great example of a quintessential “oli mwana w’ani” institution, this WAS the one.

The keyword is in the name; KING’S.

The original foundation at the inception wasn’t necessarily about top grades/marks more than the need to breed outstanding citizens of the Nation of Buganda and the British/Christian Protectorate and Colonies at the time.

These folks probably had the knack or skills to identify who would be an outstanding citizen and who wouldn’t.

Gayaza Junior and High were created with similar foundations, specifically for Protestant girls in the Buganda nation.

Catholics were not to be left behind, they too founded missionary schools to mould converts into their regimen and dogma.

With time, these schools spread out to other regions, but with near to the same ideals; producing outstanding, upright citizens.

When the 1979 war was about to kick off, a bunch of us were uprooted from Nakasero Primary School (where we studied with ex-President Amin’s kids) to “Budo” Junior School (where we still found more Amin (RIP) children).

At the interview, we were all given English and Maths tests. A banana was placed on each of our desks. After the tests, we were all asked to eat the banana.

Some left the peels on the desk, others tossed them on the ground, others walked to a bin which was in the middle of the room and tossed them in the bin.

100% test marks did not get some kids into the school, putting the peels in the bin did!

The day intake in these schools became all about top marks and grades more than the background and behaviour (enkuza n’empisa) of the students, is the day the slippery slope was dug.

Our FUTURE reality is BEHIND us.

Only if we look back to the foundation, roots and heritage of not just institutions and why they were created, but also our very way of life, we are headed to the abyss.

Amazina amakkopperere gajja kubamenya emigongo. Mudde ku Nnono.

NB: It’s spelt/spelt BUDDO.

Olwo olusozi lwa Kabaka Buddo, era akyaaliyo mu mbuga ye. Abazungu abajja kuno nga bazuunga kyabalema okwatula n’okuwandiika.

Our End Shall Be The Beginning Where It All Begun ☥


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