Kato ne Wasswa bava mu nda emu, eya Nnalongo; Twins.

These two very ancient Kingdoms come from the same womb. Their History, Heritage and Spirituality is so intertwined, it’s foolhardy to try and separate it.

We need to differentiate between Kitara Kingdom (Batembuzi, Bacwezi) and the recent 16th century/current Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom formed by the Luo-Babiito (an amalgamation after the Luo invasion of Kitara). One is much more ancient than the other.

Previously, nine days (emyenda) made one “week” (omwenda gumu). After what we call the ‘Olulyo lwa Bacwezi’ (Rulers with Amaanyi ag’Obutonzi) ended in these parts with Ssekabaka Bbemba, it became (ekkumi) ten days making up a “week”.

It is said that the “emyenda” counting remains only in the Spiritual realm of the Emisambwa.

It’s recent that counting seven days to make a week, came here at Nnalubaale.

It is also said; Abatembuzi bbo batonde era bebazaala Abacwezi. Abacwezi bbo nebazaala Ababiito, Abalangira n’Abambejja.

There’s been thousands of Rulers at Nnalubaale, in the last one million or so years. Several are known, many are not.

For instance, there’s about 52 from Kabaka Bukaddebukokooma to Kabaka Ssemweezi Maganda.

From Him to Ssekabaka Bbemba Omucwezi who was dethroned by His brothers Ssekabaka Kintu Kato and Mubiru at Buddo 1,000 years ago, there’s another 51.

That’s 103 known ones altogether, but there are so many more in both Ancient Kitara and Ancient Buganda (the geographical area).

Just think, in Buganda, there’s been only 36 Kabakas in the last One Thousand or so years!

That’s an average of 30 years per Kabaka. Obviously, some had longer reigns than others.

We also need to conceptualize and differentiate between what is the geographical area(s) that we have names for now, and what they were called before; both the areas and the inhabitants.

It’s said that here at Nnalubaale, there have been; Ababerusi, Abalungusira, Abalulumbo, Abawawa, then Abaganda.

The blood that flows through my veins and my Spirit(s) within, comes from a direct lineage of Ancestors who have fully served at the altars of these thrones for about 1,600 years!

I am not a custodian, I am only a servant; a descendant of those who lit the fires (abaakuma Ebyooto) in reverence and worship of The Most High, beseeching protection and Spiritual guidance for these two ancient twin institutions.

Therefore, I will not say, hear nor listen to a bad word against these twin institutions.

I will not even be a part of any conversation nor sit at a table where they are disrespected, nor will I sit in the counsel or cross paths with anyone who seeks to disregard or disrespect them.

Come rain, hail or high water, the Ebyooto will continue being lit to The Most High And My Ancestors Through Whom I Am Spiritually Guided Itinually ☥ to see the return of this kinship, bravery, unity, love and respect for these two ancient institutions; twins.

For they come from a Higher Place; high and below; beyond the realms of the overstanding of mere mortals.

If you do not ring a fence around a tree nor water its Root(s), it will die, be chopped down and thrown into the fire.

The Beginning Shall Be The End ☥


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