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Short version:

‪#‎JoinMuwado‬ I, Niwagaba Roland Byagaba of Kigezi, have a fresh social networking website, and I’d be grateful if you would join it, test out the different exciting features, let me know what you like and what could be better. I’d also be super grateful if you’d share this post so more people can get to know about Muwado and join as well. Thank you very much you beautiful specimen of a human being. You can join by clicking on the icon next to the create button in the top right corner of the page (Ignore this if you are already logged in)

Full Version:

Hello World,

Today, *drumroll, I would like to officially declare the existence of my social networking website,, and also ask you to create an account and join the ‪#‎SosoNetworking‬ happening in there. Since I’m still in startup territory and I’m working with a limited budget, I can’t afford to go all out with TV/radio spots, billboards…so this post will have to do. To make sure enough people know about this though, I’m asking for your help in spreading the word by sharing this on your wall, pages, groups and anywhere else you can. Thank you very much for whatever time you can take away from your own struggles/hustles to help me make the word spread.

Muwado is not exactly new, seeing as it’s been in existence since January 2013, but it hasn’t always been a social network.

Muwado, at its inception, started out as my blog, morphed into an entertainment news website, then into a space for African Literature and now, it is a social network. This, however, doesn’t mean that it has stopped being the other things. I still post my writings there (along with some of the other members within that enjoy writing), there is plenty of entertaining content to be found there including quite a bit of great African literature. The site wasn’t just shape-shifting, it was growing and taking on new capabilities. As you can tell, this is one ambitious website and it’ll probably morph into something even larger than a social network one day. Maybe a way for humans to communicate with aliens. The possibilities are endless.

So why should you join Muwado, in addition to the 10 or so other social networks you are already on, is a question I’m sure you are asking yourself. If I’m being totally honest, I have no compelling reason why you should join. All the features on Muwado exist elsewhere and are probably better implemented there. But, I am not that much of a subscriber to reinventing the wheel yet you can modify what’s already in existence and provide an alternative version that, hopefully, will also catch fire.

Plus, if you ask any entrepreneur, superior competition should never be a reason to not start up. There are countless mobile money spots around town (feel free to replace that with any other business), but you haven’t seen that stopping people from starting up even more. So, I picked social networking and have decided to make my impact in that space. This is my dream and I am basically asking you to blindly join me to help it become a reality.

On the technical side of things, Muwado is a combination of different features I like from all the various membership platforms I am already a part of, all merged into something I hope will provide a fresh social networking experience. I have been in the social media circles for some time now, and whereas I’m no know-it-all, I’m hoping my tastes, and those of other people I consulted while making this, pan out into something that everyone else likes.

I have been spending a couple of sleepless nights trying to get everything to work perfectly before making this announcement, but I’ve accepted that this isn’t something I am able to do. The work is too much and perfection is an illusion. I’m mainly a one man team trying to figure out everything, so be nice and work with what is currently there as I add more features in later versions. If you find any parts that are not functioning well inside there, I beg that you be understanding and let me know so I can work on them.

But all that still doesn’t give you a reason to join. To quote a news article I read sometime back when I was looking for the right way to market Muwado, ‘Most of the products of this nature are launched keeping a target market in mind. But the fact is that as soon as you launch a product, you’re sharing it with your users and letting them decide what to do with it.

In that regard, whereas I had an idea of how I want the site to be used, I can’t dictate how those who join will use Muwado. Therefore, in order to know if the site is any good, I need feedback from users. And this is where you come in. Yes, you! You there sipping that drink and reading this with your undivided attention (I hope). I need you to #JoinMuwado and tell your friends to do so as well. I need you guys to believe in me enough to join, test out the site, let me know what features you love, those you think can be improved, suggestions for new ones and those that are completely useless. Any feedback received will be highly appreciated.

If that’s not enough and you need more reasons to join, here are a few more:

  • Because Lupita said my dreams are valid. Lupita is cool. She knows what she is talking about. Even you when you come and tell me about your valid dreams, I will support you to the best of my abilities.
  • I begoooo
  • It’s free and won’t cost you anything, apart from a few minutes of your time. All I ask is that you just fall in every once in awhile and see what’s going on.
  • Support African entrepreneurs. They are chaps that will provide jobs for your children in the future.
  • I don’t want to openly say this as it might rub our life president the wrong way, but I have visionary tendencies. Further research is still being carried out to verify this, but if you join and Muwado succeeds, we can use that to confirm my visionary status and release the researchers so they can go and participate in more meaningful projects. Do it for the researchers.
  • Because good things happen to those who join. A certain rolex guy in Najjera saw this post and ignored it. 2 days later grasshoppers invaded his house while he was asleep and chewed all his life savings which were hidden under the mattress. His wife on the other hand, who sells fried grasshoppers, joined Muwado immediately after seeing this post. When the grasshoppers had finished eating her husband’s money, they flew into the kitchen, shed off their wings and legs and she found them in the saucepan ready for frying when she woke up in the morning. #JoinMuwado so good things can also happen to you.
  • What if I marry into your family? Wouldn’t you like it if your in law was introduced as that brilliant chap that founded Muwado?
  • Better still, since I can’t marry everyone, you get early-adopter bragging rights. Imagine if this works out and one day, maybe 5 years from now, you are busy telling someone in a bar or dinner table, ‘Kale I was one of the first 1000 people to join Muwado’…or something along those lines. Wouldn’t that be the coolest?
  • Eh, you still need more reasons? Why do you have to be stubborn also you? Ok, join just for just. The reason you are looking for will manifest itself once you are inside there.

Thank you in advance for joining. I might not be the most sentimental person, but I hope you know I truly appreciate whatever support you can give this venture of mine. You can join by clicking on the icon next to the create button in the top right corner of the page (ignore if logged in)

“No matter where you are from your dreams are valid.” ― Lupita Nyong’o


Written by Muwado - The African Storytelling Platform (1)

Muwado is an ambitious African social networking website on a mission to give a voice to and financially empower storytellers from especially developing nations.

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