Jerome Jarre #LoveArmyForSomalia #NominatedForSomalia Tweets Raise Over $2M for Relief Food to Somalia

It only started as a Tweet.

It was summarized in 140 characters. And a hashtag. Then, boom! History was made. Never underestimate the power of this place, of this muzigo, the power of social media. Never look down at a blogger, a photographer, social media content creator, You Tuber, Instagrammer, et al. They haven’t failed at life. They are doing what makes them happy. And soon, very soon, they will be changing the way our things are done on this rock we call earth.

It started as a Tweet.

One of those lads I follow on the internet called Jerome Jarre Tweeted Turkish Airlines to offer him a cargo plane to fly relief food to Somalia. We all know what’s happening in Somalia, no? The folks at Turkish Airlines quickly bought the idea (unlike Communications experts here who are not willing to take risks). They offered him a full cargo plane that can carry over 60 tons of food. And they will do so for weeks.

Where will the food come from then?

Jerome Jarre rubbed the idea on his fellow social media folks. My best You Tuber, Casey Neistat, joined the cause. Funny man Ben Stiller joined the queue, too. And a couple of others. They were to use their platforms (and audiences) in order raise a whooping $2M in 10 days.

In 2 days (they started on 17th March 2017), these guys have raised $1.498,467 surpassing the initial amount.

This can’t be done by a government, a minister, a politician, or folks squeezed in that corner. Not because they can’t, but sadly, the willingness to do it escaped them.

So, never underestimate the power of this place. Whoever is doing a great cause from this place, keep going. Hey, Stella Nyanzi, keep going. Whoever is earning from this place, keep putting in the work. Whoever is trying to create something from here, knock yourself out.

It only started as a Tweet.


Written by Nimusiima Edward (1)

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