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Nutshell App, Giving you the News in, well, a Nutshell.

In this age of information overload, trying to stay in the loop can feel rather daunting. It doesn’t have to be.

The sheer volume of content published on the web everyday is staggering and the Sisyphean nature of social media feeds doesn’t help the situation. If Zuckerberg’s ‘law’ of information sharing is anything to go by, it can only get worse before it gets better.

“I would expect that next year, people will share twice as much information as they share this year, and next year, they will be sharing twice as much as they did the year before” – Mark Zuckerberg

We’ve tried to solve this, at least as far as the news is concerned. We’re calling it Nutshell — since, we quite literally provide the news in a nutshell.

So, here’s what Nutshell does, in a nutshell (no pun intended).

  • It provides a quick, visual summary of the day’s all-important, need-to-know stories, twice a day, once in the morning, and evening.
  • Every story is algorithmically summarized into no more than 5 bullet points, for faster reading.


Every story is summarised into no more than 5 bullet points.

That said, in many ways, news articles on mobile and the web feel like they’re stuck days of print, they’re just a bunch of words, and an image or two. Articles exist within the same ‘runtime’ as Wikipedia, Google Maps, and plenty of OpenData, but rarely tap into these enormous resources to augment them or offer better context. Nutshell is here to change this.

For every story, we’ll try and dig up more context from the web, and present it in a ‘context-card’ alongside the story. This context could come in the form of a chart/graph, a wikipedia entry, a quote, a map, etc. as shown in the screenshots below.

Lastly, with the prevalence of social media, the conversations around the news are fast becoming just as important as the news. For every story, we try and dig up any relevant conversations around it, and present them alongside the story. These could be tweets or Facebook comments.

Download the app and let us know what you think.

Side Note:

Though Nutshell is a direct evolution of Aggregio, we find the two products to be diametrically opposed, and we’ll focus our energies on Nutshell going forward. We’re open-sourcing the Aggregio android app and will officially stop supporting it effectively today. Anyone interested is free to use the code as they please.

Nutshell currently only has a Uganda edition, more coming soon!


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