Interview with Future Me


Dear readers, forgive me. By exposing this article, I break all the space time continuum laws. By reading this you are probably also changing your future, therefore read it at your own risk.

On the 24th of April 2025 I was graced to meet the person behind the ancient tales brought to life through the eyes of the Muchwezi. On meeting him, what first came to sight was his physic. Clad in a black suit and Gucci oxfords, he greeted me in gentle, hushed tones that reminded me of the god father. Shivers ran through me as with a single wave of his hand, a massive icecream latte with a cherry on top was delivered to my side. That look in his eye reminded me of the days my father used to force me to have dinner during my naughtier days as a child.

Victor Mugabe has over the past 5 years grown a following due to his works especially featuring in films like the spirit man, The Muchwezi tales and the novel entitled legends. Initially following the story of Kintu and Nambi at the start, the Muchwezi went on to explore all other tales from each corner of the country and now promises to venture further beyond our boundaries to Kenya and Rwanda.

Reporter; Don Mugabe, What lessons have you learnt through this whole journey?

Don Mugabe; I have learnt to embrace myself, and respect the journey chosen for me by the Creator. Nothing and no one was placed in your life for nothing

I’ve learnt to make a plans and keep at it no matter what. I’ve learnt to embrace the wisdom of elders as mentors and to network inorder to build a following

Reporter; Who are the people that have helped you through this journey?

I’d like thank Uganda blogging community for their workshop that enlightened me on several of the aspects I needed to know about blogging.

I’d like to extend a giant thumbs up to all my friends and family for their support through out this journey.

Reporter; How do you think your work has impacted your audience?

Firstly I believe it has helped them gain a greater understanding and pride towards African cultures. Gaining a sense of patriotism and unity through understanding each other in order to unite Africa as a nation in all our hearts.

Reporter; Now that your published stories have attained the title of best seller, what is the next step?

I plan to keep writing. Earning while helping people and growing communities is a privilege I don’t take lightly

Reporter; And at what time do you plan to wake up?

Don Mugabe; I … I… I slept late at night trying to finish an assignment from the Uganda bloggers class, so I expect not to wake up at all before the strike of midday

Reporter; Thank you Don Mugabe, hope to see you yesterday. Please try to get Angela’s phone number before before she disappears from your life

Don Mugabe; what?!

Reporter; This is all a dream. Wake up 

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