If we met.

  1. If we met..

Well I might kiss your lips,

And maybe bite your neck, just a little,

But that would be all.

My hands wound stay above your nipples,

Not at the nipples or below.

And the kiss,

Well the kiss wouldn’t last long.

I’ll keep it short.

There will be no whispering or gently blowing into your ears.

No stroking and nibbling on your ear with my tongue and teeth and lips.

No sucking, licking or light biting of your neck.


No hands anywhere below the nipples.

No hands on your thighs,

Whether stationary or lightly stroking the inner like a feather using my fingers.

Nor deeply kissing you for too long,

Nor lay you down and hover above you, staring into those half closed eyes,

Slowly laying my lingam on you,

With my bulging resting on your body.


Nor whisper words soft,

Soft words as I disrobe you.

Nor place little kisses all over your body,


Nor trace my way down from your lips to your neck.

Neck to shoulders.

Shoulders to breasts.

Breasts to nipples.

Nipples down to navel,

While my hands slowly go up your thighs to meet my tongue in one place.

I won’t do any of this.

What about where my tongue and fingers meet?

Well, fingers tracing your lips,

Tongue teasing your clit,

Finger gently, slowly sliding in,

Inch by inch,

Tongue keeping at it’s motion until the whole finger is in.

Have my words called wetness and heat?

Well I won’t do any of this.

I won’t do any of this or more.

More like my stroke,

Out then in.

           Out then in.

Slowly going faster then completely out replacing my finger with my tongue.

From clit to lips.

From lips to clit,

While my hands explore your body,

Your breasts,

Your nipples taking my tongue and slowly glide it inside you.

These things I will not do…



Written by Jason Ntaro

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