If I was a candle

If I was a candle,

If I was a candle,

You would be that flame that melts me.

You wash over me softer than silk,

Yet you crush me like the highest waterfall.

Then you lull me with that hushed crashing sound,

At the end of the fall of the water,

And create me whole.

I want to run my palm and fingers all over you,

Like little droplets of a drizzle.

I want to feel you, again,

Taste you again,

Hold you, and then…

Kiss you,


I will slowly pass my right palm over the left nape of your neck,

Draw you in,

And kiss you soft at first…

Your lips are soft…

Then deep and deliberate.

Slowly I will draw back,

And hear you gasp…

Then watch you slowly open your eyes.

The oozing sensuality,

The vulnerability,

It peeps through.

In your eyes desire drowns reason,

And there within,

I see my hiding place…

A secret fire.

I wait to taste,


I need to taste the grape of your garden,

To make fine wine and drink myself to a stupor.

To feel you as you feel me,

To fall free,

(Fall free)

Fall free with me.

With Your chest to mine,

I feel your heart gently pick pace…

And we stand,

Eyes no static,

Glare beyond stare.

The heat climbs your thighs,

Collecting itself in throbbing awareness.

Your lips…

Your lips slowly part.

Inside your stomach there are knots,

Tightening to the thoughts,

Thoughts I have placed,

Of the things we are going to do,

Things we have done.

Things you want me to do.

My hands, your body,

My body, your hands,

Your body a map…

My hands body your map.

From cloth to cloth,

Then skin to skin,

Lips touch soft,

The dance begins.

We create tapestry of mystery,

And breathe into breath new life…

We dance.

Making the beast with two backs,

Arching your back to my touch…

We dance.

Whispers shaky with pleasure

You hold me tighter

We dance.

You and me,

Consciousness and energy,

We dance.

We dance,

We flame dance.



Written by Jason Ntaro

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