#iCreateTomorrow Make Your Dreams Come True!

Dreams *read this with ‘Dreams’ by The Game playing as soundtrack music in your head

We all have those. And just so we are clear, I’m not talking about those ones you have at night when you are happily snoring away. I’m referring to the dreams we have regarding the betterment of our futures, those of our friends and family, and if we are benevolent enough, the rest of humanity. The ones that keep us up at night, the ones that make the gears in our head turn extra faster. The ones that make us aspire to be the best version of ourselves, or the worst if we choose to embrace the dark side in order to make them come true.

Most of our adult lives is spent trying to make these dreams come to fruition. The optimist in me would like to think most do, to a certain extent. But a great percentage of dreams are also crushed because life is a sadist that was not born with anyone and probably gets a kick from making humanity miserable. That’s why we have that terrifying statistic about how 4 out of every 5 businesses do not make it beyond their 5th year anniversary. Life is one mean grim-reaper of dreams. This doesn’t stop people from dreaming and creating new dreams though. The dream cycle.

Every once in a while, you find someone that’s willing to help you in a goal to make your dreams come true. Normally, you have your friends and family for that, but there is always that extra monetary, resources or mentoring push that helps you get to the next level and shorten your journey to arrivism by a bunch of months. When you get one of these opportunities, you thank whatever deity you pray to and hold on to till you’ve maxed it for all it’s worth, without turning into a leech of course. Vodafone recently decided to be this entity for Ugandans, beginning with 3 lucky entrepreneurs.

For those that are not in the know, Vodafone relaunched recently with a renewed focus on people and what they can do as a result of the Vodafone-powered super-connected digital world i.e. people communicating with their loved ones using multimedia, remote communities having access to education and building a better future, happy families enjoying their favourite content at home, businesses improving productivity and planning ahead, or just friends sharing a moment… Connectivity has now become essential like water or oxygen and Vodafone connects people, communities and businesses so they can live better every day and inspires them to capture the opportunities of the digital future and build a better tomorrow.

As part of fulfilling this grand mission, they flew three enterprising individuals to the UK for a life-transforming trip under a campaign dubbed #iCreateTomorrow where they rubbed shoulders with leaders and influencers in their respective fields. Cool, successful people who are using technology and creativity to change the future of their industry and the world at large. Emama! The #iCreateTomorrow campaign is a call to action to encourage the youth of Uganda to go out and create a future they’re proud of. The Vodafone philosophy is that we all have the potential to do incredible things, and their network and technology can make the journey to success a little easier. The trip was designed to inspire and enable the winners to create their own tomorrows, to build their own futures and strive to make Uganda a shining light of entrepreneurialism.

And who are these lucky individuals that won this opportunity? Who are these people that I’m super jealous about? Who are these people that I’ve been relentlessly stalking on social media to keep tabs on their glamorous outside countries lives while I’m still here in Uganda eating potatoes and beans? Who are these guys have returned to Uganda when they know what winter feels like and probably sound like James Bond now? Allow me to share their details with you so that I don’t be the only nugu-filled stalker.

Darsan Ainembabazi,  a student and artist that started his creative journey making small drawings in his school books before progressing to painting on canvas. He wants to create a gallery in Kampala that gives a voice to the unheard creative industry – establishing it as something better recognised and higher paid thus allowing Uganda’s art scene to flourish

Cathy Namubiru, a Masters student of healthcare administration. Her tomorrow is at the helm of a Ugandan health care system that is accessible to all. She went to the London on a mission to obtain information and insight help her drive the change that is so needed in Uganda.

Chris Lutanga who is a self-taught photographer, film-maker and 3D artist that wants to learn from like-minded people to bring about change to young people in Uganda. His tomorrow involves creating a film studio that helps youth realize their dreams and untapped potential within the creative industries.

Truth be told, I wish them the best and hope they make the most of this opportunity that many wanted just as bad, if not more. They have ambitious dreams that, if they succeed, have the potential to create massive change in the community, so it’s only prudent that we rally behind them to make sure they succeed. Congs guys and I look forward to see what awesomeness you have in store for us thanks to your bulaya travels. I for one have been sufficiently inspired and will keep on chasing mine right here.


Written by Byagaba Roland

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