I wish I cared less

I wish I could try something new

With someone new!

I wish I could change the past

Because it all happened so fast.

I wish I knew then what I know now.


I wish I could change the past

Just a small action would have made me first.

 I wish I could say it

Tell you what my heart felt.

Maybe things wouldn’t have worked out,

But at least it would have been a different outcome.


But No! 


I will do it!

I will say it!

I only wish for courage

To do what I must

And release this emotional baggage.


I wish what I hope is truth. 

That what I feel for you maybe true.

And that what you feel for me,

May too be deep!

I wish…

By Maniple Denzel Everd


Written by Maniple Denzel

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