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I have found the perfect salon!

The other day I went looking for a salon in Bukoto. The first one I walked into was charging 8k. I walked out in protest. Next one asked for 7k but accepted 5k when I attempted to walk out.

The barber sat me down into a comfy chair and started cutting my hair. The guy was good. He did the one-over. Shaped the hairline. Trimmed the beard. Went through the hair again. I usually close my eyes during my haircuts. Prevents jibber jabber and I can catch up on some light sleep.

After some time, say 15 minutes, the barber asked me if I liked the cut. I opened my eyes. Looked at my reflection and okayed it. I closed my eyes again. Expecting the application of aftershave and then hair wash, light head massage and off I would go.

What happened next shocked me!! I felt hands lightly massaging my face, applying a light cream. Touching me up. All over. Every inch of my face. These were softer hands. I peeked. It was a lady. She was applying a white cream. She gently massaged the cream onto my face. I closed me eyes again. A small smile might have played on my face. She then lightly massaged my head.

She then beckoned me for the head wash. She washed the cream off my face with a soft towel soaked in warm water. She applied more cream and washed it off again. She then applied shampoo to my head and scrubbed it with warm water. Cleaned it up and applied more shampoo. All this time, her soft hands kept gently massaging my freshly shaved sensitive head. This went on for a while. Gently massaging my head with her soft hands.

After what seemed like a blissful eternity, she dried me up and pulled me into another chair. Like a lamb, I meekly sat down as told and waited. She unbuttoned the top two buttons on my shirt and got to work. She applied some lotion starting from my shoulders, up my neck, round my face and all over my head. Gently, softly, lightly she massaged everything. Repeatedly. Her hands went that way. That side. This side. Ears. Neck. Shoulders. Her hands felt like a little piece of heaven. They touched me soul and excited my body. I might have purred a little. Just a little.

Slices of time later, she stopped. I sighed in regret. I now expected her to get a towel and clean me up. She lifted my right arm and pushed my sleeve up. She applied massage oil from my fingers to my shoulder. Then she played my arm like a guitar. Strummed every part of that arm. I started wishing I had actually gone to the gym so that she would have had muscle instead of firm fat to work with. She didn’t seem to care. She felt every vein in that arm and ended at the fingers. Every finger she turned and lightly massaged. The way she touched them. My thoughts glided more. She then turned to the left arm and did the same. By now I had lost track of time. When she finished the fingertips of the left hand, she moved back to my head. Did a light massage, finished me off with a warm wet soft towel and some oils.

Then she let me go. I got off the chair and sat at the waiting couch to cool off. I handed over the 10k note I had, got off 1k for my transport and handed over the rest of the balance to the lady. As I sat there, I caught the barbers giving me knowing looks. I shook my head. Sufficiently recovered, I walked out of that barbershop a broke happy man.


Written by Businge Abid Weere

Businge Abid Weere, Business Strategy Consultant at Innovent Consult. [email protected]

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