I believe

I believe in love. I believe in ease. I believe in enjoying the little mundane things in life. I believe in making every little win a big deal.

I’m just a lover girl, to be honest. A hedonist without the means, for now. Give me a mug of hot chocolate on a rainy day. A tight hug from the person who delights me the most. A cool glass of lemonade on a hot sunny day. The warm clasp of a lover’s hand. The dark richness of chocolate melting on my tongue.

Give me music, pounding, a sweet rhythm in my blood. Give me art. Give me prose. Give me pots made of the palest coolest clay. Fabrics that slip and slide and flutter on my skin. Give me the sun, give me the moon, give me day, give me the glittering star-strewn night sky. Give me the ocean, fine beach sand between my toes, the wind carrying the smell of the sea to me in its shuddering majestic breaths. Give me flowers in fragrant bloom, give me large butterflies with pretty dappled wings. 

Give me sweet candlelit dinners at home. Picnics in a garden with bumblebees humming over the flower groves. Thoughtful messages on sticky notes. Morning texts. Nighttime texts. Did you eat lunch texts.

See? I’m just a lover girl. Although my name and the rituals I perform on sporadic Sundays bear the mark of a foreigner’s beliefs, my true religion is love and enjoyment.

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Written by Acan Innocent Immaculate (3)

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