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#HustleTales Podcast Ep 2: Emmanuel Emodek, Co-founder and MD of ChapChap Africa

Welcome to the second episode of the #HustleTales podcast. With this podcast, we are focusing on telling the stories of African entrepreneurs, the hurdles they have jumped to make sure their businesses stay afloat, the failures they’ve experienced and how they dealt with them. The podcast is an extension of the #HustleTales Interview Series.

In this episode, our guest is Emmanuel Emodek, the Co-founder and Managing Director of ChapChap Africa. From moving to a new country before finishing school and trying to fend for his family, starting several businesses there with varying levels of success and plenty of lessons, to returning to Uganda and starting one of the leading FinTech companies around, there is plenty to learn from his story.

Recorded by 8 Media Pictures in 2019.


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