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How Jumia Food is saving Ugandans time and money

We have been blessed to witness an era where technology can allow us to do so many things with just one click. Today you can send and receive important documents through email or WhatsApp from miles away, you can book a hotel from the comfort of your living room on Jumia Travel, for example, grab a special taxi in just seconds all this online. The new Jumia Food Ad, for example, has taken the internet by storm, one could say it’s on its way to going viral, why? because it shows how the online food service has made life easier for so many people especially the young man in it trying to impress his date that he can cook.[youtube]

Cooking is a skill a lot of people underestimate and requires time, an average 5 course meal will take about 2 hours to make, there are a few quick ways to make dishes that can be done in 15 minutes but not the kind you’d want to make on a date for example like the man in the advert because he aims to impress. 15-minute meals are also not the type you would fix for your hungry family as a wife or husband depending on who the better cook is. However, many times in this day and age where cooking is not a skill possessed by everyone and both the man and woman work all day, being able to order in occasionally or every day (for bachelors and students) becomes the easier option.

In addition to saving time, money is also saved. In Kampala driving to a restaurant could take several minutes due to traffic, in that time you’ve burned so much fuel that it would be so much easier and less expensive to just order in. One more thing, if you plan to surprise someone with lunch or dinner, what better way to do it than to have it just show up at their office or home unexpected. Through a quick search of your favourite restaurants just one click and Jumia Food will have the food at your doorstep.

So, guys, today let’s say a quick thank you to the new tech era for making life so much easier.

Cynthia TumwinePR Manager Jumia Food and Travel

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