Hotel Republic – A Review

I was recently a guest of the republic and here is a ka review of my stay.

I was a surprise winner of Hotel Republic’s after-hours curfew promo and, despite insisting that we reschedule, they were very insistent on hosting us. The shuttle services were cramped, to say the least, and I believe they had overbooked due to the festive season. We were offered the backpacker suite, because 12 guys in one room can’t be anything else. 

Brand loyalty is important; where The Sheraton has Starwood points and the Republic has taxes, your tax bracket determines how many amenities you get to use. A fellow guest asked for dinner and was replied with a slap. Apparently, the food is sold separately.

From the design, you could tell the interior decorator was going for that authentic ghetto feel and they nailed it. As millennials, routine is so important that is why I was so pleased that they availed us means of forceful exercising that are far superior and back-breaking than any 5-star gym. As me and my ‘gym instructor’ chatted, he told me how they can’t wait for the ‘tips’ they shall make in this Xmas season promo.

As with most cool spots, breakfast was B.Y.O.S (Buy your own shit) and check out time was whenever the Overall Concierge (The OC) felt happy. The staff were so friendly though a bit too handsy but after some time they lived up to the hotel’s motto “come as a suspect leave as a friend”.Unlike most hotels, a guest of the republic enters for free and has to pay to leave, a new era in the hospitality sector.

Overall it was exactly as advertised and highly NOT recommended to a fellow traveller.

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