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Hopefully Bolder into 40….

It’s a month and three days into my 39th year. I am very grateful to God. As I approach 40 years, I want to be much more intentional about my life. I want to be bolder and more courageous.

I started the year feeling quite bold, courageous and even made some bold asks of some friends. Those that have known me a while, might describe me as bold… I am not so sure if that’s an apt description but I do know that I am outspoken, I do think about the consequences… I want to think I count the cost all the time.

Sometimes I do indeed fear and care how people might perceive me, how I might be misunderstood or if people will care to listen any more (see how presumptuous I am that they even listen in the first place?)… Naye ultimately… does it really matter what people think of me?

Recently (this Jan 2024) I saw these WhatsApp statuses by Worship Harvest quoting Moses Mukisa telling people how you can decide; not to be sick, not to lack or be depressed. I responded to them because they are VERY DISTURBING… I actually remember something eerily similar at the beginning of 2020. A friend I dearly love and I, got into it, because I vehemently disagreed with what was being promised…” no sickness, no deaths of family members without them becoming Christians, and being economic power-houses”. Such messages are very harmful and very untrue because God does not promise anything like this in His Word. Read the entire text people!! Context gives meaning, and the Holy Spirit leads us all in truth. If you care for the truth, you will find it. God is kind! To all.

Such messages are why people live superficial lives. They isolate. They are why people won’t share if they are struggling because they might be judged as lacking faith. These messages eventually cause disillusionment when one does realize that indeed, you don’t have that much control over your life, that our bodies do get sick and indeed we do lack many times. And we, and those we love, do die.

Yesu in Matthew 22:37 (NIV)says to….“ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

To love Him with our minds implies being intellectually honest. Let’s not just “follow, follow anyhow”. Let’s take our questions, fears, doubts and whatever else to Him. He can handle it all. He is God after all.

Yesu does promise to be with us (Romans 8:35-39).To remember that He has overcome the world (John 16:33).

This world is broken because of sin (Genesis 3) and there is no perfection of any sorts here, only brokenness. To knowing that here is not ultimate. That this is not home. To live with hope, and eternity in mind. Knowing that indeed, one day… when Yesu returns the second time, all will be made right on earth. Then, and only then, will there be perfection. We will be saved from the presence of sin and all the effects of it in our world (pain, tears, sickness, lack etc).

What we need is, to BELIEVE YESU!! Know Him and follow after Him. He has made Himself known in His Word and through His world. Until then, we live with hope and in joyful expectation.


Come Lord Yesu

Sheila Nabuuma W

[email protected]

26th January 2024

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